Friday, July 31, 2009

Warren Meets My Old Roomie

Thursday afternoon Warren and I went to Waxahachie to see my former college roommate, Melissa (We call her "Mel"; she hates that name - Roy started it!). Unfortunately Warren didn't show off very well until about the last 15minutes of our visit. He was kinda fussy the rest of the time. As we were about to leave, he finally decided he liked Mel, and he gave her a present of prune juice spit-up. Nice.

I love seeing Roy with our son. He is the best daddy (and husband, for that matter) anyone could ask for, and he brings a smile to our face everyday. When he talks, Warren turns around and listens immediately (me, not so much!). He has even written several songs for Warren. His most recent is about "Mr. Ceiling Fan" - Warren's favorite thing to look at.
Tonight Roy took me to Pei Wei. Yummo! Then we came home, fed Warren and put him to bed, and then Roy made me a mudslide, and we watched Burn After Reading. The movie made little sense, but hey, it starred George Clooney, and I can always watch him!!!!! (Yes, Roy knows I feel this way!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Proof and Pudding (well, oatmeal, actually)

I have proof, Kelly!!!!!!!! It's a bit dark, but I got video of Warren rolling over today:

I am amazed at how easy my kid is! I fed him his oatmeal with a spoon for the first time today, and he did so well! He kept his hands out of his mouth, swallowed very well, and even opened his mouth for the spoon. (Sorry it's so dark; you know how light sensitive Roy is, so we don't have much light coming in, and I don't think to open the curtains before videoing. Gotta work on that!)
Feeding him was so fun! I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to feed him again!

It's amazing how much developmental progress a baby makes in just one day. Warren now has no problem holding himself up on his tummy. He even seems to like it - mostly.

I love to watch Warren play. He was intently focused on that frog and kept spinning it.

Television - yup, he loves it!

I took about ten pics while Warren was watching TV, and I think I stopped after this one... can you see the cuss word in his eyes?!!!! LOL

Warren loves to be naked or in just his diaper. Before I gave him a bath today, I made his day by letting him hang out with daddy in just a diaper. They were watching TV, of course, and I took several more pics... again, this was the last one: If looks could kill.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Warren Rolled Over!!!

Warren rolled over from tummy to back for the first time today!!!! Twice!!! I was just texting with my friend Kelly who said Brady has already rolled over. He is a couple weeks younger than Warren. I texted her that Warren had not yet rolled over. Our conversation reminded me to put Warren on his tummy, and as soon as I did, he was up on his elbows and pushed himself over within five seconds! I couldn't believe it! Roy was home, so he came and watched as I put Warren on his belly again, and sure enough, he rolled over again within a few seconds!!! We were so excited for our son! Then we tried several times to get him to do it again, so we could get it on video, but of course he wouldn't perform! Needless to say, Kelly told me "no video, no proof" when I told her what Warren had just done! LOL I admit it sounded a little fishy since I just told her he hadn't done it yet, and then when she tells me her son had, my son suddenly does it! But Roy saw, so I have proof!!!! :)
We also started cereal tonight. I started him on infant oatmeal instead of the typical rice. He has enough issues with his bowels; I didn't want to take any chances. He did well and seemed to like it. I put it in a bottle feeder since it's so runny at this point. I did give him a few bites from a spoon, too.
These days are just getting better and better....!!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

I have mentioned in recents posts that Warren is "talking," but I forgot I had a video of him doing it! We just love to hear his voice!

This pic below was taken a few days before the video. I was eating lunch and had Warren in his Bumbo, and he would holler at me in a high-pitched voice, and I would mimic him, then he would do it again. We did this for several minutes! I just love the big grin on his face. No better lunch date.

While my parents were here I was able to defrost my deep freeze like I wanted, but I was also able to make new curtains for my kitchen! My mom made a matching table runner for our breakfast table which looks awesome. (I forgot to take a pic before I started posting, and I'm just too lazy to go do it now!) I hope to make matching curtains and a table runner for our dining room, just not sure when. I have recently learned how to tie-dye. I learned how in order to tie-dye curtains and pillow cases for my classroom. They turned out well, so I thought I would try my hand at tie-dyeing onesies. It's really fun to do, though I have a few glitches to iron out - like not laying the shirts close together or their colors will bleed! (Ugh.) I also haven't figured out how to keep the color from fading during the first wash. Maybe I am washing too soon? Anybody have tips for me??? The blue and red one is bright in the pic below, but after I washed and dried it, it looked more like pink and light blue...hmm. I am not washing the others until they have totally air dried. I wonder if that will make a difference?
While I was rinsing out the onesies, Roy came into the kitchen and said with a drone, "Hmm, looks like you found a new hobby." I later let him know it's only about $2.50 per onesie... a cheap hobby!

Tonight we went out to eat (a little break from the ole' diet!), and Warren was a big hit! Seems like we were asked half a dozen times how old he was and what his name was, and of course, we were told over and over about how darn cute he was! Funny how much pride you feel as a parent when someone compliments your kid. Mercy be granted to the one who says something negative about him one day!!!!!! (And by the way, Warren did great in the restaurant [unlike the last two times when he cried fiercely.] We decided to take him out of his carrier as soon as we got there, so he could get some energy out while we were eating our bread. When our food came, he didn't mind being in his seat for a while. It worked this time, but will it next time???)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More of the Sweetest Pics

My Grammie worships me!
Reading time with my sweet Grammie.

Aunti Kim gave me this outfit.
The best smile.
Spikey hair, blue eyes, lots of slobber - who could resist kissing this?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grandparents Time and Cute Pics

My parents came down last week, and we have had a great time hanging out. It is so fun to watch them with Warren. I love this pic, and Warren loves his grandpa. You can't really see it, but the cute "bug" outfit Warren is wearing was from his Grandpa - he pooped on it later that day! (Warren did the pooping on it, not Grandpa! LOL)
We went to Baylor to take some pics. Here are just a few:
Grandpa, Grammie, and Peanut (that's my mom's nickname for Warren)
"I am a cool dude."
This one is my favorite of Warren. I LOVE it!!! Mommy and me...
Warren is growing and changing all the time. He has started to mimic us now. He gives a really high pitch quiet scream, then looks at us and smiles, then we do it back, then he does it again. We have done that for about 5mins nonstop with him!
He also "sings" in his bouncy. He has a frog hanging on it that plays music, and I would always sing with it. Well Warren started pulling on the frog himself and then making longer cooing sounds, only when the music plays. When it stops, he stops, and then he pulls the frog again and starts singing again!
Yep, my three and a half month old is advanced, for sure, and if you disagree and say all this development is just normal, don't tell me if you value your life... I will find you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Best Bud

Yesterday, my best bud, Brady, came over to play. He is 2.5wks younger than me, but he is strong! He can push himself up on his arms when he's on his tummy! I can't do that yet! Mommy says that's because she doesn't like it when I cry, so she doesn't make me lay on my tummy very long. She says it's okay because I will develop those skills soon enough.
While our mommies were talking, Brady and I watched some TV together.
My bud was so funny to me. I just watched him for a long time, and he made me laugh aloud so hard that my belly moved! I also talked to his mommy, Kelly. She liked that.
Mommy says my bud Brady is really cute, but she told me I am still the cutest baby in the world! (But I'm not tellin' Brady's mommy that! Shhh!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Much Can Change in A Week

Today was Warren's first time to go to Sunday School. He looked super cute in his tie onesie!
We are so amazed how Warren can not be able to do something one day, then the very next day, he can! Example? Reaching/grabbing things held in front of him. He started about two days ago to just reach for things, but now he's got it down.
He played on his play mat for about 40mins today, just moving and grabbing his toys. I, of course, had to get it on video.
Another thing Warren has started to do is scream while cooing. It's not really loud yet, just really high pitched, but it seems to be getting more frequent and louder each day. Love it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warren's First Date

This adorable baby girl is Warren's girlfriend, Cilla. She is the daughter of a sweet friend, and Warren and I went over to their house for lunch today. We put them next to each other and they were soooo cute! Cilla is 2.5 weeks older than Warren, and she just stared at him, but he seemed to be more interested in us two mommies. We told Cilla, "He's just not that into you"!
They were playing footsies and "holding" hands a couple times.

Warren is doing wonderfully. He weighs 14.6lbs now, and he smiles at us all the time. He enjoys other people, too, which is great. He wants to stand and/or sit up all the time, and he jabbers several times a day. He likes to watch Cleo, but she is still keeping her distance. LOL
Spending time with Daddy.

Super cute in his hat!

Trying to watch TV, but Momma keeps getting in the way.
My parents are coming to visit next week. I am excited to see them and for Warren to hang out with his Grammie and Grandpa, but I am also excited to have some free time to do some summer projects like defrost my deep freeze, clean out closets, etc.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Bumbo and Play Time with Cleo

After 3 stores and $40, I finally found a Bumbo for Warren! They are the coolest little chairs for babies that can hold up their heads. We wanted to get one for Warren esp. because we are trying to keep him off the back right side of his head. It has gotten flat from him lying on it at night, and we are trying to get the shape back to normal. I think he looks like a little man in his seat!

Today we let Warren play in the water with Cleo. While he never actually smiled, he really seemed to like it! When Roy brought him inside, he started crying because he didn't want to get dressed. The boy loves to be naked and free!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cute Kid, Good Movie, and Short Dinner

I washed all Warren's 3-6mth clothes yesterday. He can still fit into some of his 0-3mths clothes, but I learned my lesson that baby clothes are often only an inch different in size, or they seem to be mislabeled. For example, the adorable pilot outfit in these pics is a size 6mths, yet when I hold it up to his 3mth clothes, it's the same size! I have to make sure and size up his clothes or he will never even be able to wear many of them because he has so many. Enough babbling; look at my cute baby boy!

I love Warren's silly no-teeth face in the pic below, but Roy says it makes W look like he rides the short bus. Horrible!

Cleo rarely climbs on my lap or even sits beside me all day when I am holding or sitting next to Warren, but as soon as eight o'clock rolls around and he's in bed, Cleo finds her spot on me. Sometimes she even gives me tons of kisses!

This afternoon we went to the dollar theatre and watched the new XMen movie about Wolverine. I thought it was great; I was never bored one time, and the movie answered many of the questions I had about Wolverine's beginnings. Warren did an excellent job again. He sat up and watched the movie for about an hour, and then slept until the credits. Cool kid!
We had taken Cleo to Dogtopia for the afternoon, so when we got out of the movie at 5pm, we decided to continue our date night and headed to Chili's for dinner. I fed Warren during our appetizer, but a few minutes later (right about the time our entree's arrived, and I had taken three bites), he blurted out crying. He just wouldn't calm down, and he sounded like he was in pain. I went outside with him to try to calm him, but it wasn't working. I finally got him to calm a little and went back inside to tell Roy we should go ahead and leave, but he had already paid the ticket, gotten a to-go box, and was packing our bags. (Such a good daddy!)
We got in the car and headed across the street to get Cleo, then headed home. Funny thing was that as soon as we started driving, Warren was fine. We get home and all seemed well, but then Warren started suddenly crying again, even screaming one time. It was awful! Maybe for some this is no big deal, but Warren never cries, so when he does, it means something is wrong.
We figured out he had really bad gas. He has been having bowel issues since the day he was born, but recently they have gotten worse (since our trip to Ponca, actually). He hasn't had a bowel movement on his own in almost two weeks - I have to give him a glycerin suppository to get him to go, and when he does, he isn't comfortable. After three doses of gas drops, some gripe water, a glycerin supp., his daddy singing to him, and lots of tummy rubbing from mommy, he finally worked through it. Poor baby.
I had a sample can of Similac Soy Formula, and I had thought several times about trying him on it, but tonight made me decide for sure. I did some research on and many mom's said it made a big diff. in their baby's bowels. I fed it to him before bed, and he seemed to like it. Experts say there's not any difference nutritionally in soy and milk, so he's still getting what he needs. We will try this and see if his body gets things together and working comfortably. I don't want to see him again in the pain he was tonight. I nearly cried myself!