Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Six Months Old!

We just can't believe our baby is already six months old! Where has the time gone?

Warren still makes us smile and laugh every day. He makes the best faces, and he just loves to play and jump.
We have decided he for sure is teething. He is aggressively chewing everything he can get his hands on, and he really likes cold things. I have started using teething tablets (thanks, Jen!) and they seem to be helping. He wasn't restless at all last night, so we all got a good night's sleep.
He is rolling over more frequently now, and he has started rolling from back to front - esp. when I am trying to change his diaper!!!
He is eating about three 8oz bottles a day, cereal mid morning, and nearly two small jars of baby food at dinner time. Sometimes he even has cereal again before bed. He had corn this week and really likes it. Heck, he likes anything if it's fed to him on a spoon!
He weighs about 17.5lbs, and is still in 6-9mth clothing. He has shown that he has lungs and definitely lets us know when he is not completely satisfied by screaming at us . He "sings" himself to sleep in the car now. Seriously, he makes long "uuuuuh" sounds and then all of a sudden...asleep. It's really sweet.
We are constantly getting compliments on how happy he is and what a good baby he is. We are truly blessed and surprised that he is the way he is. Who'da thunk it?!
Next Tues. is his official 6mth checkup and shots. I will post stats then.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Teething...I think

It's back to the motherhood guesswork board. Last week Warren had a few days of diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy. We gave him some Pedialyte and used lots of diaper rash cream, and he got better. Two nights ago he woke up at 11:30pm so stuffed up he could hardly breathe. We used the aspirator and saline drops and sat up with him for a while, and he went back to sleep. All day yesterday, last night, and today his poor nose is just running and his eyes are watering. I put him on Benedryl and it helps, but he is still very stuffy. The thing that makes it super sad is that he is still generally happy - except, of course, when we are using the aspirator, wiping his nose, or putting in saline drops. Whoa! We here about his unhappiness then! LOL He is eating well, thankfully, and he doesn't have a fever, but it's just so sad. I know the experts say diarrhea and congestion are not signs of teething, but just about every mom I talk to and every mom's blog I read says it is. He is almost 6mths old.... where is the time going?

To make things worse, my lower back started doing something funny this week. It hurts something awful, but it is still bearable, barely. Kinda feels like a disc issue, but I don't know. The pain makes it difficult to take care of Warren and do the things that I normally do w/o a second thought. Roy is being great, as usual. He went grocery shopping for me last night, and he also got up with Warren many times last night. I am trying to figure out how to do things lying down. I did manage to feed Warren while I was lying on the couch (Bless the person who invented the Boppy!), but now I am sitting up blogging and playing with Warren. I did find some Vicodin that my OB prescribed after I had Warren, so I took that for the pain. Hopefully this will pass soon. Just in case, I am planning to get my sub lesson plans and all set for Monday, so if I have to go to the doctor, I can w/o worrying about my class.

When life throws us lemons, we make a sour face, right???? Oh ya, lemonade. That's right. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day with Grammie and Papa

On Sunday, Warren and I traveled to Ardmore to meet up with my parents. We stayed in a beautiful LaQuinta suite. It was not only nice to spend time with my parents, but I just LOVED watching them go nuts over my son. It's great (and kinda funny, too)! I think Warren knows he's got them wrapped around his finger. He puts on quite a show for them, really hamming it up.
I enjoyed the extra time I had with my son, too, though it made it even harder to go back to school today (sigh).
Warren got to be in a pool for the first time. He did great, though the water was a little too cold, so he only got to stay in about 5 or 6 minutes. He started shivering, so I took him to the hot tub and warmed him up by putting some water on him with my hands. He seems to love water no matter the temperature!
My mom took some great shots of Warren for his 5mth pic.
Gotta love his big smile! He was looking at me in this one: These next two pics were taken at Lake Murray.

I can't imagine my life without Warren or Roy. I am so happy when I am with them that all my other worries just fade into the background. My husband grounds me and gives me a sense of stability, while my son makes my heart soar and gives me a sense of pride. What more could I ask for? (to be a stay-at-home mom, maybe?!!!)

Friday, September 4, 2009