Thursday, November 18, 2010

20 wk Check up

Blood pressure 128/70. Gained 4lbs total so far ("Not too bad for being half way through," my doctor said!), measured 20cm, so right on track with due date. Heartbeat sounded good. Warren just kept staring at the heart monitor when we were listening to baby Grant's heartbeat. It was funny. BTW, I weighed Warren while we were there, and he is right at 25lbs. He also got to eat Smarties for the first time while we were there, and he really liked them.

Sadly, while waiting to see the doctor, I saw a lady crying because they had just done an ultrasound on her due to not hearing a heartbeat, and she found out she had miscarried. My heart was aching for her, but at the same time I felt so greatful for the life that is in me. I've had three friends miscarry in the past few months, so I feel like the lucky one. It's sobering, to say the least.

Next appointment is Dec. 17th.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Garton #2 is a .... boy!!!!

On Thursday, November 11, I went in for my ultrasound. The baby is healthy and his head measured 20weeks and 4 days, though I was only 19 wks. His heartrate was 143bpm. He was moving his arm and even grabbed his knees/legs, and he had his ankles crossed.

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited to have 2 boys! We went out the night of the ultrasound and bought the baby a going home outfit.
Growing in the belly! 20wks!
Mr cool!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

18 weeks

I am feeling great! I am showing more each day, and the migraines have pretty much stopped. Pregnancy bladder has officially set in, and I am started to have crazy dreams... Last night I dreamed I peed in my former pastor's (yes, folks, Pastor Peak!) office chair! It had a built-in potty under a flap. Hilarious and a bit disturbing! I have been feeling the baby move regularly at night when I finally get the chance to sit on the couch and rest/do schoolwork/check emails. I strted feeling him/her at the end of last week - finally! My ultrasound is Nov 18 - just a couple weeks away. Can't wait to find out if we will be having Grant Kenneth or Alyssa Mercedes next year!