Friday, May 6, 2011

Apology, Updates, and Comparisons

I must start off this post with an apology to all my friends to whom I gave a hard time because you stopped regularly blogging after baby#2.... SORRY! I now understand why you CAN'T blog anymore!!!!! Time, time, time... never enough of it!


Grant is now 6wks old, weighing about 12 or 13lbs, wearing 0-3mths clothes and #1 diapers, though I think he will be in the next size up in both of those pretty soon. At his 2wk checkup, however, he had not yet gained back to his birthweight, so we went ahead and started him on all formula. The change in his weight has been rapid, and he is soooo heavy now!!!! He did have a bit of a struggle adjusting to the formula - lots of spitting up, etc., but now he seems to be doing well.

Grant seems to have a similar pooping issue like Warren did. I have to give him glycerin suppositories every day or so. After being on formula for a few days, he started pooping on his own for about a week, but the past week he hasn't. At least I know what to do this time around, and lucky for Grant, I am quite skilled at inserting those things!!!! LOL

At this point, everyone asks whether or not Grant is sleeping thru the night. In short, the answer is NO!!! He is too hungry to sleep more than 4hrs at a time!!!! Mostly he eats every 3hrs, even thru the night, but sometimes (like the last couple of days) he decides to eat every two hours! He often makes a funny noise while eating, kinda like a donkey sound, inhaling in excitement. Warren thinks it's hilarious and will memic Grant.

Speaking of Warren... he has definitely had some adjustment issues. He's been having meltdowns, biting, and kicking, and once in a while even doing something to Grant like grabbing at his belly or head or shaking his pack-n-play. The first couple weeks after Grant was born was not too bad because my mom and sister were here, so Warren was getting plenty of attention, but the next three weeks after that was rough. This past week Warren seems to have gotten over a hurdle, so we are hopeful he will continue to adjust. He does love Grant and will go by and give him kisses. He also says "I hold it" and will hold Grant for about 5 seconds before saying "all done!" He enjoys being a helper, so we try to have him help when we can.


I tried really hard today to get Warren to take a picture with me and Grant, but he wouldn't do it. He's too busy playing to stop for pictures, but I still got one with Grant - I call him my cuddle-monkey because he loves to be held. Often when we put him down he starts crying within minutes.


Warren was 7lb at birth and Grant was 9.2lbs, so obviously Grant is a few weeks ahead on the growth scale. Grant looks now about like Warren did at 9wks old. Since birth, they have looked a lot alike. Below are some pics that show their similarities:

Warren at 5wks:

Grant at 6wks:

Warren at 9wks:

Grant at 5wks:

Grant has violet-blue eyes and brownish-red hair. He has big hands and feet, and an abnormally large ball sac... yes people, the kid seems to be well endowed. His sac is bigger than his brother's by like two or three times!!! The doctor says everything is fine, but it still take me back once in a while. Grant also has an extra piece of skin on his penis from his circumsicion. The doctor thinks it might cover up on its own, but if it doesn't, he will take it off. His belly button may end up being an outie. So hard to tell even at 6wks, but it sticks up a little almost as if there is not enough room in the belly button hold for his belly button to push down.

I started back to work Friday, May 13. Grant and Roy are hanging out at home together while I finish out the school year. Warren will continue to go to Piper thru the end of May, and then he will be home with us all summer. He will go back to Piper mid-August, and Grant will start at Central Faith in August. I wish I could stop time right now. It seems our lives are so busy that they are flying by and all we are catching are glimpses of our boys' lives... of our own lives, even. Just this year Roy has been to Germany, he goes to London in July and then to San Fransisco in November. I have been extra busy with school year as I've been in a new role which takes up more of my time (though I LOVE what I'm doing!), and then we add two boys to that! Whew! Next weekend Roy and I get to have our first date night in a few months! One of Warren's teachers from Piper is coming to watch him, while Roy and Grant and I go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and get some dinner. Woot - woot!!!!!!

Until the next update....