Sunday, February 27, 2011

34 weeks

Had my obgyn appt on Friday the 25th... the end of my 34th week. I had lost 1lb and only measured 33cm. My blood pressure is great. Grant's heartbeat was strong, and it's always amazing to hear it beating. Doc did the strep b test. Next appt is in two weeks when he will check to see if I'm dilated... yikes, I only have four and a half weeks to go! I preregistered at the hospital on my way home, too. That made it really seem imminent.

I got Warren's old newborn clothes out of storage and put into Grant's dresser. Washed all the new stuff and put it away, too. Now I just need to wash his bedding, paint his room, hang the curtains, decorate the walls, get diapers... you get the point: still plenty to do!

Warren is doing fantastic at his new school. He is talking, counting, singing, and just overall advancing at such a rapid pace it's hard to keep up with everything. He counts from 1-9 on his own, but skips #4. Love hearing him do that. He is really obsessed with diggers and dozers right now, as well as anything boyish and outside - rakes, shovels, etc. Today we played in the dirt and found worms, which he quickly grabbed and threw in the grass, and instructed me to "dig more"!!!!! Not a man of distractions, I guess! We have so much fun with him, and we can't wait to enjoy Grant just as much. I will post pics soon.