Monday, July 27, 2009

Warren Rolled Over!!!

Warren rolled over from tummy to back for the first time today!!!! Twice!!! I was just texting with my friend Kelly who said Brady has already rolled over. He is a couple weeks younger than Warren. I texted her that Warren had not yet rolled over. Our conversation reminded me to put Warren on his tummy, and as soon as I did, he was up on his elbows and pushed himself over within five seconds! I couldn't believe it! Roy was home, so he came and watched as I put Warren on his belly again, and sure enough, he rolled over again within a few seconds!!! We were so excited for our son! Then we tried several times to get him to do it again, so we could get it on video, but of course he wouldn't perform! Needless to say, Kelly told me "no video, no proof" when I told her what Warren had just done! LOL I admit it sounded a little fishy since I just told her he hadn't done it yet, and then when she tells me her son had, my son suddenly does it! But Roy saw, so I have proof!!!! :)
We also started cereal tonight. I started him on infant oatmeal instead of the typical rice. He has enough issues with his bowels; I didn't want to take any chances. He did well and seemed to like it. I put it in a bottle feeder since it's so runny at this point. I did give him a few bites from a spoon, too.
These days are just getting better and better....!!!!!!


Melissa said...

That's awesome!! :) Isn't it fun? :)

the rushes of OKC said...

This is too funny! So exciting all the fun things they start to do at that age. Oh, I believe you, LOL

kimnewland said...

Pretty soon you and Roy will be crawling on your hands and knees "baby proofing" to be sure Warren is safe at home. It is amazing how many little things you don't think about until you are on their level! Love and miss you all XOXO