Friday, December 2, 2011


Grant just turned 8mths old! Today he started saying, "da-da" and he has the sweetest voice! He seriously is our little cuddle monkey. He is always pulling my face to him to give me kisses and he still wants to be rocked to sleep or just held. Right now he is a momma's boy and will cry if I walk by him and don't pick him up. He's army crawling all over the place and can sit up on his own for ten second or so.

He's figured out how to close the pop ups on the toy below, and he's starting to mimic us tapping/patting a table or something. He weighs about 23lbs and is drinking 6oz bottles every three hours. He usually goes to sleep for the night at 7pm, and while he had several weeks of sleeping thru the night, he has gotten into a crazy pattern of waking up around 4am and only going back to sleep on my chest. He is a super light sleeper, and if Warren makes a noise or wakes up, then Grant wakes up too.

Warren truly hates having his picture taken these days. He actually ran away yelling, "Noooo!" from the school photographer on the playground. Ha! Just like his daddy! He is still completely into cars, trucks, garbage trucks, fire engines, and all types of construction vehicles. He is talking perfectly clear and one of his new favorite words is "yahoo." He says it when he's excited. Adorable!