Monday, July 20, 2009

Grandparents Time and Cute Pics

My parents came down last week, and we have had a great time hanging out. It is so fun to watch them with Warren. I love this pic, and Warren loves his grandpa. You can't really see it, but the cute "bug" outfit Warren is wearing was from his Grandpa - he pooped on it later that day! (Warren did the pooping on it, not Grandpa! LOL)
We went to Baylor to take some pics. Here are just a few:
Grandpa, Grammie, and Peanut (that's my mom's nickname for Warren)
"I am a cool dude."
This one is my favorite of Warren. I LOVE it!!! Mommy and me...
Warren is growing and changing all the time. He has started to mimic us now. He gives a really high pitch quiet scream, then looks at us and smiles, then we do it back, then he does it again. We have done that for about 5mins nonstop with him!
He also "sings" in his bouncy. He has a frog hanging on it that plays music, and I would always sing with it. Well Warren started pulling on the frog himself and then making longer cooing sounds, only when the music plays. When it stops, he stops, and then he pulls the frog again and starts singing again!
Yep, my three and a half month old is advanced, for sure, and if you disagree and say all this development is just normal, don't tell me if you value your life... I will find you!


the rushes of OKC said...

These pictures are great! I do love the ones of him in his little hat!

Melissa said...

Love his adorable faces!!! He is such a cutie! And I agree...definitely advanced...then again, did we ever wonder? :)

Harris Family said...

SO CUTE! I love the picture with you and Warren! Have a fun week with your parents! I wish mine were still here! It is so fun to see them with your baby! Enjoy your time!

kimnewland said...

So glad Mom and Dad make the time to come and see you guys; I know it is special for Warren. We miss and love you all!