Friday, January 28, 2011

End of 30 Weeks and Pottying!

We had the second 3D/4D ultrasound today. I drank a strawberry shake before I went this time, so Grant was more cooperative for the tech, though he kept his hand up by his face nearly the whole time. Apparantly he really likes his thumb because he kept trying to suck on it. He also kept yawning, which was oh so cute. He has big beautiful lips and his mommy's nose. His heartrate was 140 at the obgyn.
Not sure what he's trying to tell us here!
Definitely a boy!
I suppose having a 2yr old to chase after keeps me from posting as much as I did while pregnant with Warren, but the joy we feel with this baby is just as strong as it was the first time around. My pregnancy has been very smooth, and I have nothing to complain about. I have had some aches and pains, but compared to some people, it's been perfect. I will be 31 weeks along on Sunday. Today I measured at 30cm and weight 172lb. I was hoping to only get to 175lb with this one, but looks like I won't make that. I've never weighed more than 175lb in my life, so it's a bit disturbing, but it's not like I have much control over it. As Grant gains weight, so shows the scale. Some days I think my belly is bigger than it was with Warren, but when I compare to old pics, it's really about the same. Here I am tonight, nearing 31weeks.

A big event in the Garton household this week was Warren pee-peed in the potty for the first time!!!! He wanted his potty top on the big potty, and he sat on it and talked, then started brushing his teeth and I heard trickles. I said, "Bubba, you're going pee-pee!" and he said, "big...Elmo" which meant he was peeing on the big potty like Elmo. He's been into the Elmo's Potty Time video lately, so it must be impacting him! He was so proud of himself
Life is good... time for bed...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First 3D/4D ultrasound

I am 30 weeks tomorrow, and today we had our 3D/4D ultrasound. Apparantly Grant is every bit as laid back as Warren because he just stayed way low and tucked into my placenta, all cuddled up. The tech tried for 30mins and even had me eat some candy, but he just wouldn't cooperate. She couldn't even tell if he really was a HE!!! We are rescheduling, but she still gave us some pics. There are a couple good ones.
This is a 2D ultrasound pic, but the fuzzy white is his hair!
Here is our sweet baby boy!
We think he has my nose!!!!
His heartrate was 132bpm and he's about 3lbs... the tech said that's a little bigger than most his age. Hmm, maybe I will have an 8pounder!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Xmas 2010 in Ponca City

We had a great trip to Oklahoma for Christmas. We went to Tulsa first to see family, but somehow I managed not to get a single picture!!!! Ugh! Warren loved playing with his cousin Keara and all five of his second cousins - Amber, Ashley, Haley, Hope, and Zachary. We stayed at Grandma Brown's for a couple night's, then headed to Ponca City to see the rest of our family. We were there about five days. It was so fun to see Warren with everyone, and he was such a hoot when it came to present time. He wasn't near as interested with unwrapping the presents as he was with being the one who handed them out! He totally got a kick out of that! Below are some more pics of our time. So many to choose from... but frankly I just don't have the patience to wait for them all to upload, so I just chose some of my favorites.
For years now, my sister and I have taken a back to back picture at Christmas. This year was no exception, and I think it really turned out cute! Warren is obsessed with his Papa! Even now when I put this shirt on him, he calls it his "papa shirt" because it looks like the one papa is wearing.
Playing the "tar" with Papa! He saw a guitar on TV the other day, and he said, "tar...papa"! I guess his mini-guitar lesson was very memorable.
Enjoying so tickles and raspberries! Such a daddy's boy!
His Grammie got ginger bread houses for all the grandkids! I think he enjoyed spooning and eating the icing and candies more than he did putting them on!
I can't believe my sweet niece and nephew are this old!!!!! What fun Warren had playing with them. They did a great job entertaining and caring for him, too. Anything John did, Warren wanted to do. Here they were sword fighting. Most of the time Warren only wanted to play with John, but one day he just went right over to Sarah, sat in front of her, and leaned back. He actually stayed long enough for us to get a picture or two! They look like brother and sister.
I can definitely tell Warren is all boy... he loves to sword fight and/or hit people. Here he was playing with Cousin John.
We didn't even know that Warren was big enough to climb on play places, but he is, and he loves them! He played with his cousin Keara one night, then with his cousins John and Sarah the next night. He even went all the way to the top and down the big slide all by himself!
Here he is at Nina's house enjoying one of Aunt Sumer's "crack cookies" - yes, they are addictive!
Here's to a great Christmas with family!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waco Christmas 2010

We had so much fun this year with Warren during Christmas! He knew how to unwrap gifts and got excited about his new things. We opened presents Sunday morning the 19th since we were leaving for Okla that Tues. At first, Warren was really cranky, but then he got into it. He like digging in his stocking, and especially liked the bottle sucker.

Warren bought Daddy Elmo pjs for Christmas!

Silly String - a great stocking stuffer!

Of course our little cleaning man couldn't just let the mess remain!
Our infamous family portrait! Roy and I have always taken a pic of ourselves when we open gifts, so it was fun to do this with Warren.
If you have noticed, Cleo has not made it into our Christmas photos this year. It's the story of her life, these days, for she had definitely gone done in the priority list. She had fun, though, as she got a big bone covered with chicken... oh ya, that's what started Warren off being cranky - HE wanted her bone for himself and got mad when Cleo took it away and started eating it, so he went and took it from her, but then tripped and fell on it and cut his lip... oh the drama!!!!!
More pics to come... of our trip home to Okla.