Monday, December 13, 2010

A few recent pics to share

Decorating the Christmas tree!
Playing in the leaves!

Warren loves to act like Cookie Monster with Daddy.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I just spent $84 (after insurance!) on Elidel for our itchy kiddo! Poor Warren, seems he's got excema, and for some reason it is spreading. The doctor said a food allergy can aggravate it. Warren is 20mths and weighs 26lbs! I think he was around 32" tall. He continues to thrive and learn more and say more everyday. He's even shown some interest in the potty chair. In January he gets to start attending the Piper Center!!! We are excited to see how much he will learn and grow in their care. There will only be 8 kids to 2 teachers (all teachers have bachelor's degrees with EC certificates!), and they make individualized lesson plans. He's at all the 2yr old indicators already, so he needs to be at a place like Piper that will meet him where he is.

I am right at 24wks pregnant! Whew! The time is going by so very quickly! My belly is definitely out there now, and I just told Roy today that I feel like I grew several inches during the day. I am feeling little Grant Kenneth a few times a day, especially in the evenings and after meals. The headaches have completely stopped. I do have nose bleeds once in a while, which is weird because I never have nose bleeds unless I'm pregnant. My next appointment is the 20th.

We will be going home for Christmas. I'm really excited to see Warren with all the family. He is such a ham. I anticipate lots of laughter and pride overflowing in this momma.