Friday, October 22, 2010

16wks and 5 days

17wks and 2days w/Warren

16 wks and 5 days with baby#2

I had my checkup today, and all went well. I had only gained 2lbs total (that's 5 less than at this time with Warren!). Baby's heartbeat was strong, and we even heard him/her moving around on the monitor. That was a relief because I was starting to worry since I hadn't felt the baby move - I did with Warren at 16wks. Funny how we compare our pregnancies. Just when I thought I had this whole thing figured out, I am surprised again! I still am getting headaches off and on, but doctor assures me that they normally go away at 20wks. As long as I have my Tylenol with Codeine, I'm good. I have 4wks until my ultrasound!

Making a "funny face" on demand. Warren is doing so much these days... today he said, "Uv ooooo" to me, and earlier this week he said, "I uv ooo," to his daddy. He has been sleeping great in his big boy bed (the chaise lounge), and he continues to make us laugh everyday. He knows how to throw fits, but he doesn't have one that often - a few times a week, I guess. He is still crazy about fruit, and he will go to the fridge and pull out what he wants. He esp. loves mandarin oranges and likes to sit on the floor and peel them with me. He's such a helper. He throws trash away, retrieves items, and feeds Cleo. He has a great sense of humor, and even knows how to fake laugh - he learned THAT from his daddy! LOL
He took this adorable picture at school!
Our lives are busy, but things are going well all around. One thing's for sure - life is more fun with a child!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Warren's 18mth Checkup

Okay, even the doctor said it, Warren is advanced for his age!!!!! LOL

Yesterday Warren had his 18mth checkup. He is 32" tall and weighs 24.8lbs. He was in the 40th%tile. He surpassed all the developmental milestones, and is doing great! He had shots and was a big boy about it. He only cried a couple minutes and then kept saying, "manmaid" which being interpreted means "bandaid."
He is wearing 18mths clothes, mostly. Some pants are 12mths. He is very long waisted and short-legged, so getting pants can be a challenge. His favorite thing to eat these days is fruit, esp. mandarin oranges (fresh or canned) and mangos.
We have moved Warren out of his crib. The last couple nights have been a bit rough. He keeps waking up around 1-2am and then again an hour or so later. Hopefully this will pass soon because this momma is tired!
Everyday with this gift of ours is wonderful. Roy and I smile and laugh at him all the time. Loving something we made together is amazing!