Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Sad News

I got an email Friday from our breeder. She said Cleo's mom went into labor Thursday night, but she only had one puppy - a boy. The really sad thing is he was very weak and died shortly after. Our breeder said Reba Jo (that's Cleo's mom) was okay, but she is whining and really sad. So, no Isis for now...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What to post, what to post...

One would think that after starting school, I would have so much to say ... wrongo-dongo-dungle-buns! I have NOTHING to say! Yet, I still need to get out my 50,000 words, so here goes:

School is just about my whole life right now. I think part of it is due to my crazy new laptop on which I spent most of my evenings researching and stuff. Today I had no time at school to do anything, so when I got home, I had to call two parents, and I still need to email two parents! This week at school lesson-wise is not too taxing. The kids are making poster fairy tales, castles, and landform maps out of sugar cookies (which I have to bake ten of on Thurs. night!) I have a class webpage now, which is cool. Makes me feel like I'm going the extra mile.

We are getting excited about welcoming Isis into our family. I should hear this week whether or not she has been born. We should be able to see her when she's two weeks old. Roy told me since he named both dogs that I get to name both of our kids. What an agreement! I already have one girl's name - Ellissa Mercedes - but I can't think of a good boy name for the life of me, so I may just have to hope for two girls. I like the name Kenna or Kenda. If all goes as planned, I should be nearly one month pregnant a year from now! Scary thought, huh? Geez, I really need to lose these ten pounds, so I will be a step ahead! Esp. since one of my students keeps asking me questions like, "Are you still on a diet?" and "Do you feel small?" Oh, and one told me today that my eyebrows looked gray now. What the heck does that even mean!!!! LOL

We finally got our new roof on! It looks great! I think this weekend we might go to Lowes and get some trees to plant. We need to spice up our yard, and now's a good time, I guess.

So I have really run out of things to say, and I probably have written a few hundred words, so I will go now ... I need to sweep my floors and vacuum - ha! like that will really happen! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Isis - goddess of protection

Only God knows how long it had been since I had dusted and vacuumed, and He wouldn't even tell! It was bad, folks. It was so bad, that after doing just those two things, the whole living room looked clean. Last night I was able to clean nearly the whole house. It was a nice feeling. Today, in fact, I need to finish off the cleaning, and I can because this is my first day to not have any schoolwork to bring home!!! Hurray! I am feeling very much at ease, and I like it. I had almost forgotten what that felt like. My poor husband, on the other hand, is living, breathing, and eating schoolwork. But I tend to not have much sympathy for him because he chose this life. I suppose I chose my life of teaching as well, so what's my point? Not sure. LOL Oh boy. Don't you just get tired of being a woman sometimes? No, I am not thinking of having any surgical procedures to alter my female parts, but I just get tired of being emotional and flighty and not being able to think things through logically (Hillary Clinton doesn't face this, of course, for she has a handle on her emotions, which is why I think she would make a good President. Seriously, I may vote for her. She makes sense - but this isn't a political blog, so I'll stop this parenthetical blah,blah and get on with it). On the other hand, it's nice to just cry for ten minutes when something is wrong, and then afterward feel so much better....

We are getting a new puppy at the beginning of November! Her name is going to be Isis (eye-sis). She was the Egyptian goddess of protection, which is cool, cause Cleopatra was an Egyptian Pharaoh, and every pharaoh needs a protector! The puppies will be born the end of this month, and we will be able to take Cleo to help us pick Isis out. The neat thing is the puppy will officially be Cleo's sister - she has the same mom and dad. Her dad just died recently, so this is our last chance to get a sibling. We are excited, though I must admit, I am a bit nervous about the extra responsibility. Guess it will prep me for a kid.

Enough of the babbling...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Breathing Again!!!!!

Okay, I know in the last post I said I was finally able to take a breath, but apparently I lied because now I feel like I can finally breath again. It's so nice! School is going great. Still super busy, but great. I love what I do and seldom have days when I wish I wasn't teaching ... such a nice feeling.

I have decided I need to hire someone to clean my house. Since that's not going to happen, I guess I'll just have to pay myself for each room I clean; perhaps that will motivate me. Housework is the one thing you have to do all your life and it never improves or gets to the point where you don't have to do it. (I know, some women could say that about sex. LOL)

I think I have a weird sense of humor tonight. Earlier this week one of my students asked me if I felt small. I asked if he meant "small" as in skinny or "small" as in meaningless. He said he meant skinny. When I said no, I just feel average, not too big and not too small, he said, "oh." I have no idea what in the world that even means, but of course I went the rest of my day thinking he thinks I am bigger than I was last year!!!!! Then I had another student, whom I was trying to help write an essay, ask me if I fill in my eyebrows!!!!! Why do those little brats have to be so observant anyway?!!!!!!! Good grief!!! Well, they do make me laugh daily, so I am never bored.

Otherwise things are going well too. My mom's second knee replacement went well. She's not recovering as quickly this time as she did with the last knee, but she is still doing well. My sister and I went and stayed with mom and dad in the hospital over Labor Day weekend. It was actually a bit of fun at mom's expense. We made fun of her while she was doped up, and we also called her the nocturnal Nazi because she never slept but always had something to tell us to do. We slept in these recliners in her hospital room that, I swear, had to come from a sex doctor's office. If you recline in them and just barely move, your whole pelvis starts pulsing and the chair goes everywhere! We had some great laughs at that. Another fun thing was that my dad took my sister and me out for breakfast, just father and daughters. We had never done that before, and it was really cool. It's funny how you appreciate your parents so much more after you are grown. I can only hope that I can instill in my kids the same core values that my parents instilled in me. It's scary to think how much I could mess my kids up! My friend said her goal is to raise her kids to make smart and informed decisions and to not have baggage to carry with them from their childhood. I like that. No baggage, just tickets. They can fly anywhere they want without worrying about something from their past weighing them down.

Tonight Roy and I ate at Tx Roadhouse with a friend. I had a watermelon margarita! It was really good. I had a peach one too, which is always good. Then I had a baked potato, Caesar salad, green beans, and rolls. Needless to say, I thought about becoming bulimic again, just this once, but I didn't. I'm the one who ate all the food and drink, so I will just make myself suffer through ... and I wonder why my student asked about me being small????? LOL

Okay, I know. It has taken you ten years just to read this blog. I suppose it's proof that I need to talk to "real" people sometimes and not just kids.....