Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Picture Journal

Having time to blog is nearly impossible these days, so I am just trying to post pictures and short blurbs... here goes.

Grant has a couple nicknames because of how he loves to be held:

Mr. Cuddles and Cuddle Monkey

Grant is one strong little man!

Father's Day 2011 - a blender, a set of files, and a utility knife.

Since Grant is so hungry, the doctor said we could start him early on baby foods. This was the first spoon feeding. (about 10wks old)

Warren is a fast learner!

Got a pool for Warren - he mostly likes the spraying palm trees!

Several weeks ago we played outside with the spraying seal from Grammie and Papa... once again, it's all about eating the water!

More to come...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Surprise Visit

On Sunday, June 5, we heard our doorbell ring. I was making hamburger patties, so I had raw meat all over my hands, and Roy was on the couch with Grant sleeping on him. We thought about not answering the door... I looked out the window and said, "Holy crap! It's my mom!!!" She had driven 7hrs to surprise us with a visit intended to relieve some of our stress by babysitting while we worked on schoolwork. Today mom left, and I must admit - I'm not as stressed as I was before she got here!!!! Thanks, Mom!
(below) Warren loves to get on the dining room table, so Grammie can take his picture. He also loves to ride on his daddy's back/shoulders, so he thought it was great when we put Grant on his back. We have yet to get an official family photograph, so this was our attempt...

My mom's stepsister, Vickey, drove 3hrs to our house to meet all of us. Warren couldn't make the "v" sound, so he called her "Aunt Picky"!!! So cute!

Roy and I got to have a date night on Thursday. We went to a local Irish pub, Common Grounds (a local coffee house), Hastings, and Target. It was great to be alone with each other. On Saturday we saw a firetruck driving and followed it to the station. They let Warren sit in the driver's seat and tour the garage of the station. They gave him stickers, tatoos, and little plastic fire hats. Warren loved it!

He wanted his brother to get in on the action as well.

Since I don't get to blog much these days, I think I will just make a list of things I want to remember or share about the boys and/or our lives:

1) Warren saw the moon and wanted to touch it. I told him it was way up high, so he couldn't touch it. He said, "get daddy's ladder, climb up, touch it."

2) Grant smiles and says "agoo".

3) Grant was 15.2lbs and 23" at 9wks old. We started feeding him less more often, changed his formula, and gave him some drops from the doctor, and it has really helped him to not spit up as much. He's also already started on cereal and baby food... he loves it!

More to come...