Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warren's First Date

This adorable baby girl is Warren's girlfriend, Cilla. She is the daughter of a sweet friend, and Warren and I went over to their house for lunch today. We put them next to each other and they were soooo cute! Cilla is 2.5 weeks older than Warren, and she just stared at him, but he seemed to be more interested in us two mommies. We told Cilla, "He's just not that into you"!
They were playing footsies and "holding" hands a couple times.

Warren is doing wonderfully. He weighs 14.6lbs now, and he smiles at us all the time. He enjoys other people, too, which is great. He wants to stand and/or sit up all the time, and he jabbers several times a day. He likes to watch Cleo, but she is still keeping her distance. LOL
Spending time with Daddy.

Super cute in his hat!

Trying to watch TV, but Momma keeps getting in the way.
My parents are coming to visit next week. I am excited to see them and for Warren to hang out with his Grammie and Grandpa, but I am also excited to have some free time to do some summer projects like defrost my deep freeze, clean out closets, etc.


Harris Family said...

awwww. Cilla wants Warren to like her and he is totally not interested! They were so cute together today! Warren is precious! Thanks for coming over to hang out with us! Let's do it again soon!

Harris Family said...

oh...I love the pics of him in his bumbo! SO CUTE!

kimnewland said...

I showed Sarah the blog today and she was upset saying that she was going to marry baby Warren when he grows up to "be as big as her"; so after explaining to her (in five year-old terms) about family not being able to get married she decided that was okay! Good thing we are not from Arkansas! :-P