Saturday, September 17, 2011

Labor Day Pics by Grammie

My parents came down to visit for Labor Day weekend. We were at the park getting Grant's 5mth pictures, and Warren didn't want Grammie to take his picture at all.... until...

Daddy put him up in a high tree!!!! Then the smiles kept coming.

Pics of Warren and Grant together were not happening either... this one's the best we got.

Crazy! Grant is nearly the same size as his big brother... just like Roy and his younger brothers!

Grammie and Papa

Grant is 5mths old and is the sweetest little guy with the best smile...
He's so easy going that Grammie kept calling him "sober socks" while she was trying to get his picture. He was just fine with lying in the grass and playing with it. Getting a grin was tough!

Finally got one!

Grant during 5th month:

1) Rolls over (tummy to back and back to tummy)

2) Jibber-jabbers

3) Blows raspberries

4) Gives kisses (he will actually grab our face, open his mouth wide, and lean forward... he truly knows how to kiss - look out ladies!!!!!)

5) Slobbers buckets, esp. when chewing on his hands

6) Bottles (4-6oz) at 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, and 7pm
7) Cereal for breakfast, fruit/veggies for lunch and dinner

8) Still LOVES to be rocked to sleep (or rocked while awake!) and just cuddle

9) Jumps in his jump-a-roo (just started this week!)

10) Smiles at his brother everytime he see him

Grant has been on acid reflux meds for a few weeks now and hardly ever spits up anymore!!! I knew the doctors were wrong! They kept telling me I was overfeeding him, but I knew that was not the case, esp. when he's only eating 20oz of formula a day and he's 20lbs!

We are having so much fun with two boys. I can't imagine my life any differently.