Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 Months Old

Warren is nine months old today! Happy birthday, Bubba!

weight - 20lbs 3oz, 45th %tile
height - 30", 95th %tile
head - 17 1/4", 45th %tile

He is developing on schedule, though daycare might disagree seeing he still refuses to hold his own bottle. LOL He can drink very well from a sippy cup and from a straw, and he is eating all kinds of "real" foods. It's adorable to watch him pick up food between his finger and thumb.

He knows how to "gimme five." He is trying to crawl and pull up, but is not quite there yet. He does not yet have any teeth, and no sign of any coming soon.

He has his first ear infection, and has had it for nearly 3weeks! Ugh. He didn't respond to two of the antibiotics, and he was allergic to another (penicillin), so now he's on a fourth - Bactrim. I am hoping it works and quickly. He is fine during the day, but at night he's waking up and/or moaning and pulling at his ear about every hour or two. Doctor said if the infection doesn't clear up with this medicine, then we will go to a specialist.

He did wonderfully in Okla. during Christmas, and I will post pics soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Break-in

On Tuesday, 12/8/09, Roy came home at 1:55pm to find Cleo very anxious. He noticed the house was rather cold, and then realized the back door had been kicked in and was wide open. He turned and looked at our entertainment center and said "Oh crap" when he saw the TV, Boise, Wii, and my laptop were all missing. He went upstairs and the mattress had been moved (to check underneath for money, we assume), and that my jewelry box drawers had been dumped and were thrown onto the bed. All the drawers of our dresser were open as well. In the guest bedroom our portable DVD player and some computer speakers were missing, and the file cabinet drawer was open. He called the police, called me at work, and called our insurance company.

Ugh. What a terrible call to get. I was in the middle of a class with my fifth graders when he called me. I left within minutes and cried on the way home when I called my mom and sister.
When I got home the police officer was here taking the report. I was so glad to see that Cleo wasn't hurt. Sadly, she had on her bark collar during the break-in, but Roy suggests it could have saved her life because had she kept barking, the robbers may have hurt her. Still, while she is not physically hurt, she had been much more on edge this week, and she just shivers if she hears a noise at the back door.

We immediately started cancelling our credit cards/bank cards and started changing passwords and user IDs. Today we got a security system installed, and TH we got our French doors replaced. Now I am hunting for a new laptop... shopping, yeah! Our insurance company is paying out, though not as much as we would like.

This experience has caused many emotions for me: anger, sadness, guilt, thankfulness, fear, and more. I am so grateful that we were not home and that Cleo wasn't hurt. I am grateful that the robbers didn't find some very special items close to my heart. I am grateful that the robbers did not trash our house or take our Christmas presents, but just focused on our electronics.

I wanted to post this so I don't forget, but also because I want it to be the last time I tell the story and it's details. I am already tired of talking about it, and I want to go on with life.