Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Best Bud

Yesterday, my best bud, Brady, came over to play. He is 2.5wks younger than me, but he is strong! He can push himself up on his arms when he's on his tummy! I can't do that yet! Mommy says that's because she doesn't like it when I cry, so she doesn't make me lay on my tummy very long. She says it's okay because I will develop those skills soon enough.
While our mommies were talking, Brady and I watched some TV together.
My bud was so funny to me. I just watched him for a long time, and he made me laugh aloud so hard that my belly moved! I also talked to his mommy, Kelly. She liked that.
Mommy says my bud Brady is really cute, but she told me I am still the cutest baby in the world! (But I'm not tellin' Brady's mommy that! Shhh!)

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the rushes of OKC said...

he is so cute, and growing so fast.