Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

I have mentioned in recents posts that Warren is "talking," but I forgot I had a video of him doing it! We just love to hear his voice!

This pic below was taken a few days before the video. I was eating lunch and had Warren in his Bumbo, and he would holler at me in a high-pitched voice, and I would mimic him, then he would do it again. We did this for several minutes! I just love the big grin on his face. No better lunch date.

While my parents were here I was able to defrost my deep freeze like I wanted, but I was also able to make new curtains for my kitchen! My mom made a matching table runner for our breakfast table which looks awesome. (I forgot to take a pic before I started posting, and I'm just too lazy to go do it now!) I hope to make matching curtains and a table runner for our dining room, just not sure when. I have recently learned how to tie-dye. I learned how in order to tie-dye curtains and pillow cases for my classroom. They turned out well, so I thought I would try my hand at tie-dyeing onesies. It's really fun to do, though I have a few glitches to iron out - like not laying the shirts close together or their colors will bleed! (Ugh.) I also haven't figured out how to keep the color from fading during the first wash. Maybe I am washing too soon? Anybody have tips for me??? The blue and red one is bright in the pic below, but after I washed and dried it, it looked more like pink and light blue...hmm. I am not washing the others until they have totally air dried. I wonder if that will make a difference?
While I was rinsing out the onesies, Roy came into the kitchen and said with a drone, "Hmm, looks like you found a new hobby." I later let him know it's only about $2.50 per onesie... a cheap hobby!

Tonight we went out to eat (a little break from the ole' diet!), and Warren was a big hit! Seems like we were asked half a dozen times how old he was and what his name was, and of course, we were told over and over about how darn cute he was! Funny how much pride you feel as a parent when someone compliments your kid. Mercy be granted to the one who says something negative about him one day!!!!!! (And by the way, Warren did great in the restaurant [unlike the last two times when he cried fiercely.] We decided to take him out of his carrier as soon as we got there, so he could get some energy out while we were eating our bread. When our food came, he didn't mind being in his seat for a while. It worked this time, but will it next time???)


kimnewland said...

Awesome looking onesies! Great gifts too (maybe even sales some day?) Loved the video and had to play it three times; he is adorable and I miss you all so very much XOXOXOXO

Melissa said...

LOVE your curtains!! The onesies are super cute too...and drying them completely should make a difference.... at least it did for a tie-dye thing I did once...

Love the pic of your lunch date. :)

the rushes of OKC said...

Cute onesies, very creative. Don't have washing help for you, but they are cute.