Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 Months Old

Warren is nine months old today! Happy birthday, Bubba!

weight - 20lbs 3oz, 45th %tile
height - 30", 95th %tile
head - 17 1/4", 45th %tile

He is developing on schedule, though daycare might disagree seeing he still refuses to hold his own bottle. LOL He can drink very well from a sippy cup and from a straw, and he is eating all kinds of "real" foods. It's adorable to watch him pick up food between his finger and thumb.

He knows how to "gimme five." He is trying to crawl and pull up, but is not quite there yet. He does not yet have any teeth, and no sign of any coming soon.

He has his first ear infection, and has had it for nearly 3weeks! Ugh. He didn't respond to two of the antibiotics, and he was allergic to another (penicillin), so now he's on a fourth - Bactrim. I am hoping it works and quickly. He is fine during the day, but at night he's waking up and/or moaning and pulling at his ear about every hour or two. Doctor said if the infection doesn't clear up with this medicine, then we will go to a specialist.

He did wonderfully in Okla. during Christmas, and I will post pics soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Break-in

On Tuesday, 12/8/09, Roy came home at 1:55pm to find Cleo very anxious. He noticed the house was rather cold, and then realized the back door had been kicked in and was wide open. He turned and looked at our entertainment center and said "Oh crap" when he saw the TV, Boise, Wii, and my laptop were all missing. He went upstairs and the mattress had been moved (to check underneath for money, we assume), and that my jewelry box drawers had been dumped and were thrown onto the bed. All the drawers of our dresser were open as well. In the guest bedroom our portable DVD player and some computer speakers were missing, and the file cabinet drawer was open. He called the police, called me at work, and called our insurance company.

Ugh. What a terrible call to get. I was in the middle of a class with my fifth graders when he called me. I left within minutes and cried on the way home when I called my mom and sister.
When I got home the police officer was here taking the report. I was so glad to see that Cleo wasn't hurt. Sadly, she had on her bark collar during the break-in, but Roy suggests it could have saved her life because had she kept barking, the robbers may have hurt her. Still, while she is not physically hurt, she had been much more on edge this week, and she just shivers if she hears a noise at the back door.

We immediately started cancelling our credit cards/bank cards and started changing passwords and user IDs. Today we got a security system installed, and TH we got our French doors replaced. Now I am hunting for a new laptop... shopping, yeah! Our insurance company is paying out, though not as much as we would like.

This experience has caused many emotions for me: anger, sadness, guilt, thankfulness, fear, and more. I am so grateful that we were not home and that Cleo wasn't hurt. I am grateful that the robbers didn't find some very special items close to my heart. I am grateful that the robbers did not trash our house or take our Christmas presents, but just focused on our electronics.

I wanted to post this so I don't forget, but also because I want it to be the last time I tell the story and it's details. I am already tired of talking about it, and I want to go on with life.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Can Clap!

We have been working with Warren on hand clapping for months now, but tonight, he clapped his hands by himself and on demand! We got it on video, of course. (Though once again, it's quite dark. The sad thing is we had nearly all of our lights on!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Roaring Like a Lion

In my last post, I said that Warren can roar like a lion ... this video is proof!!! I LOVE this cool kid of ours!

Friday, November 27, 2009

8 Months Old

Everyday we are amazed at how much more Warren is doing. He is aware of everything and is learning quickly. He will officially be eight months old on Monday, so I thought I would write some milestones and tidbits about what he is doing these days.

1. Warren has started saying "dada." (He started last week while Roy was in New Orleans.)
2. He is purposefully pushing buttons on his toys and making them play music (sometimes he pushes them with his feet!)
3. He can make his walker go forward, instead of just backward.
4. He can move his hand on his mouth and make noise like an Indian. (what is that called, anyway?)
5. He pick up and eat a whole star puff without choking.
6. He can roll a ball, but he likes to put it in front of his foot and just kick it. LOL
7. He is starting to get up on his knees and rock, and he scoots forward and backward and spins around on the floor.
8. He has had three colds since August, but each one he handles better and better.
9. He is infatuated with technology, particularly our cell phones, but he loves our computers, too.
10. He still LOVES to jump!
11. Even though he slobbers all the time, he has no tooth to show for it.
12. He likes to play peek-a-boo.
13. He is ticklish on his shoulders and thighs and back.
14. He gets bashful and will make eyes at his mommy (love that!)
15. He sleeps on his side, his back, and his tummy, and moves all over in his crib at night.
16. He sometimes roars like a lion.
17. He enjoys petting Cleo, and is determined to get her ears.
18. He is mesmerized by the Christmas tree.
19. He laughs when other people sneezes, and when he sneezes!
20. He gives the most fabulous kisses on demand, and sometimes even when we don't ask for them! He still sticks his tongue out on demand, too.
21. He likes to read, but not as much as mommy would like.
22. He plays "pass the pacifier" with mommy.
23. He is still wearing 6-9mths clothing, but the 12mths are not too far out of sight.
24. He cries at strangers (sometimes).
25. He lifts his arms up to be held.
On another was the first day I had to leave Warren to cry himself to sleep in his bed. Normally when he's tired I just lay him in his bed, and he babbles and falls asleep. Today he was fighting it. It didn't matter if I rocked him or held him, he was still fussing hard, so I put him in his bed to work it out. He looked at me like I had abandoned him, and he started crying pitifully. I, of course, started crying too, and Roy laughed at me. Thankfully Warren only cried for a minute or two; he is breaking me in easy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Family Pics

Roy came home from New Orleans late last night (hurray!), and my mom went back to Oklahoma today (sigh). Before she left, she used her skills (and patience!) and took some family photos for us! Below are a few of my favorites. Thanks for everything, Mom!!!

Like mother like daughter...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grammie's Here and My First Haircut

My mom came down to stay with Warren and I this week while Roy is in New Orleans presenting a paper at the SBL conference. Of course she gets the best pics, so I have to share.
Playing with Daddy and his hat on Thursday before he left.

Mommy's little stinker!

On Saturday Warren got his first haircut!

He started crying as soon as the clippers turned on, poor baby. He sat perfectly still the whole time, though. At the end, someone felt bad for him and gave him a sucker. It was his first time to have one, and he liked it!
Warren is just loving his time with Grammie!
Grammie bought him many new toys!
I stayed up until 2:30am yesterday to get the Christmas tree up. Mom got some great shots of us in front of the tree.
Warren is mesmerized by the tree. He got a chance to play with it a little during picture taking.
We are really missing Roy. He presents his paper tomorrow and will be home late Tuesday night. It is so nice to have my mom here while he is away. Thanks, Mommy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daddy bought me a monkey!

While grocery shopping today, I saw this cute stuffed monkey and started showing it to Warren and playing with it with him. He was giggling and smiling and really liked it. We must have been a sight ... in the middle of the aisle, playing with our kiddo and taping him on our cell phone!

I started to put the monkey back, but Roy said we should get it for Warren, so we did! When I handed it back to Warren, he gave a super cute, heart-melting grin. When I put Warren into his carseat and handed him his monkey, I told him he wouldn't have that monkey if it had been up to me, but apparently his daddy is a pushover ... he always has been, he just doesn't want anyone to know it!!!!
Playing the piano Grammie and Papa gave me!

Tonight our good friend Tanya came over to visit. She lives in Houston now, so we don't get to see her very often. Warren wasn't sure about her at first, but then he warmed up to her. Cleo was jealous for Tanya's attention, for sure.

And of course I had to take a mommy and me pic today...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prof Pics and Birthday Party

Warren had his 6/7mth pics taken "professionally" - I use that term loosely because I think my mom's pictures of Warren are just as good or better. Anyway, I took pics of his pics, so I could show you all. Some have a glare or make his hair look dark on top, but they are super cute in person.

Warren was sleepy the day we got his pics, and he started crying at the photographer, so needless to say, this was his only real smile, and the photographer had to fake sneeze about four times to get it! (Warren thinks sneezes are hilarious!) I love that he has a dimple like his daddy.

On Saturday Warren went to his first birthday party. His friend Hudson turned one! I teach with Hudson's mommy.
Happy birthday, cutie pie!
I think Warren is in that stage where he cries when he sees people he doesn't know. At the party, every time Hudson's grandpa talked to Warren he started crying. In the pic below, he was somewhat happy with Zoe (another coworker's child) holding him, but shortly after he started crying again. Then on Sunday he cried nearly the whole time in Sunday School! Poor guy. At least he doesn't cry when we leave him at daycare.
At the end of the day, we were both exhausted!
Umm, okay, so he really doesn't look like me. Bummer.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warren Is 7mths Old Today!

Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming... how can seven months have gone by so quickly????

Warren is just growing and changing and making us laugh and smile everyday. He is getting ready to move up to the next class at daycare, and they have been working with him to get him to hold his own bottle. While he can do it, he doesn't really like to; he would much rather rub or scratch his head with his hands, but he is getting better. He is still rolling all over the place, and now he can use his hands and arms to help him get where he wants to go. He has yet to say "dada" or "mama," but he still says "bubu" and today he made a definite "gu" sound. His favorite thing to do is jump! He also loves to sing and be sung to, and he really likes our computers and cell phones. He loves Cleo and follows her with his eyes everywhere she goes. He pets her and she kisses his hands... umm, she also licks his spit up, but we're working on that! He giggles at her when she sneezes or begs or sometimes when she just looks at him. He is still a great sleeper - goes to bed about 7pm and wakes up around 6 or 7am. This week he has had a runny nose, cough, and has lost much of his desire for a bottle. I am not sure if he has allergies, a cold, an ear infection, or is teething, but he is not 100%, that's for sure. He still loves to eat anything on a spoon, so at least I know he's not going hungry. We didn't do anything for Halloween, which apparantly makes us horrible parents, but we are just too practical - Warren has no clue, so why spend the money on an outfit that we will only use once to take a picture of him in?!!! Next year, I promise.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Pics from My Phone

Yes, I have a digital camera, but I find myself more often taking pics using my cell. They are usually horrible, making my nose look of mammoth proportions, but mostly I take them to send to my mom and sister, and they love me no matter what! I decided to post some of these random pics because I don't want to forget the little things. Many are of Warren and me. I never want to forget what a great boy he is, how quickly he is growing, and how amazing each moment is with him. I also don't want to forget how Roy and I feel differently now that we're parents. Roy just mentioned tonight how it's hard to imagine we thought our lives were complete before we had Warren. We just can't imagine ourselves without him. I think it's safe to say we worship him - just don't let Warren know that!
I could do this all day

Getting kisses!

A Sunday morning before church.
Waiting in Dr. Guerra's office.
We seem to have spent lots of time there in the last couple months. Mommy shared her sugar-free chocolate mousse with me!
Tonight we took pics to send to Grammie and Aunt Kim. We really miss them.
Pics from the zoo

My new shirt!
I love taking pics of Warren while he sleeps on me.
Umm, yes - mammoth nose pic! But I love the shadow of Warren's dimple, so it's worth the emabarrassment.
Gramps gave me a swing!
Reading my favorite crunchy book from Aunt Kim.
I can drink from a sippy cup - somewhat.
This was a couple months ago, but I love it - all my babies together.
One of the many silly faces of Warren Van.
I am mesmerized by the camera/phone. I really like to chew on it.

Back on July 22 - so little.