Thursday, April 23, 2009

OB Worship Poll

There are some things about pregnancy and labor/delivery that no one ever talks about. Being so open and big-mouthed as I am, I just have to blog about one of these things... No one ever told me that after my baby was born, I would feel like my OB was worthy of my worship, if not a big fat hug and kiss! Perhaps it's because he just delivered the most precious thing Roy and I have ever owned together, or perhaps it's because I have spent the last nine months with him, preparing for the very moment of delivery, or maybe it's because he cared and focused on me when everyone else was focusing on the baby, but the "love" I have felt for my OB during and after delivery is nearly unexplainable. I feel I owe him a life debt. I told him so many times how much I appreciated his care and all he did for me, but I never felt it was enough.

Today I brought him (and his office staff, of course) goodies, and I told him that none of my friends ever told me I would want to bow down and worship him after he delivered my baby. I am sure he thinks I'm crazy, but I know I am not the only one who has felt this way. I spoke to a friend yesterday and she said she feels the same way about her OB. Both of our OBs are men, which makes me wonder if the feeling is the same when the OB is a woman, or is there something about a daddy type of figure that plays into the emotion.

So, leave me a comment and tell me your experience ... and please don't tell me I'm crazy and that you never felt this way!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Like My Daddy

Can I get any cuter?
The official ruling is in: Warren looks like his daddy! I must admit that it makes me proud for him to look like Roy. I hope his character will be like Roy's, too, then I will have two wonderful guys full of integrity to love.
I have taken some random pics the past few days, and I thought I would post them. Warren makes so many funny faces - just like you-know-who!!!! LOL Enjoy!
Look at those wrinkles in his forehead!!!

I remember when we had our ultrasound that I commented on how big Warren's nose was ... looks like the ultrasound was accurate. I suppose with noses like mine and Roy's, there really is no hope for our little guy. :)

Warren still looks a little yellow from jaundice. The pic below really brings out his "tan," but I think it is so sweet of a pic, I just have to post it. When he's really asleep, he sleeps with his mouth open - again, like his daddy.
Today was Warren's first visit to church. We actually got to Sunday school on time. He was a little crabby in the middle, but daddy held him and he calmed right down. He waited until we got home to eat - 4hrs! My mom bought his little outfit. It is a preemie outfit, but it still fits him well. He was a big hit, and everyone thought he was just a cutie (which of course he IS!)

Thank you, God, for blessing my life with motherhood.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Weeks Old

Yesterday, my little Warren turned two weeks old! It seems he just came to us, yet like he's been with us forever. We had his two week check up, and the doctor said he looks great. He now weighs 7.6lbs, and he is doing all the things developmentally that he should be at 2 weeks. He is still not having consistent bowel movements on his own, but the doctor said babies' bowels don't fully develop until 3mths, so he was not worried about it. I will keep giving him glycerin suppositories every other day to help him out.
Things are going well with our new life. The transition has seemed very natural for Roy and me. Warren is definitely the highlight of our life right now. I love to watch he and Roy talk about random things. He is mesmerized by his daddy's voice. Warren is eating about every 3hrs now, except today - he thinks he needs to eat every hour and a half. My milk is definitely in, and it feels great to know I am nourishing my baby. Pumping is not going well, though. I still can only pump about 1.5 - 1oz per breast in 15mins time. That's ridiculous, and not even worth the hassle. I know Warren gets more than that when he eats because I see it in the nipple shield (I recommend those for every mom, by the way. No cracking, blistering, etc.) Anyway, if you have any helpful hints on pumping, please comment! I would really like to breastfeed thru the summer, but that won't happen if I can't pump while back to school the last two weeks of May.
My sister came into town last Friday and stayed until Monday. I tell you, that woman is like the cleaning robot from the Jetsons!!! She was a huge help, and it was just nice to go through each day with her here. She also taught Warren to take his pacifier. I had mixed feelings about this at first, but he seems to do well with it, and it doesn't want it all the time, so it's good. Thanks, Aunt Kim!

One more thing... my 32nd birthday was Saturday the 11th, and Roy took me to get a new cell phone! I got a super cool red phone that slides open and has a full keyboard! I am the text msg queen now! Super fast, and love it! Thanks, Baby.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bye, Bye, Bili

Yesterday's bili count was 11.8!!!!! That's down from a 16.9 in just 24hrs. The doctor said to keep him in the bilibed this morning, and then we take him to get another count around 3pm today. If it is below 11, then we can get rid of the bilibed and hold our baby all day again!

He is still not having bowel movements on his own. We are having to give him glycerin suppositories daily to try and get him to go on his own. The first one I tried to give him was terrible - we were both crying (Warren and I, that is)- so I gave up, but the second one I was able to do with Roy holding him and comforting him. A few minutes later, Roy started making noises and talking about how bad Warren's poopy stank, and then he told Warren, "this is love, Buddy" - because he was holding him while he pooped, being enveloped in the smell!
This is a pic taken right after we got home from the hospital. Cleo was still very curious about this Baby Warren guy. (And yes, I have amazing cleavage now!!! I love breastfeeding! LOL)
.... 10:00 p.m. update: Warren's bili count was 8 something!!! Hurray! No more bilibed. Also, he had a bowel movement on his own tonight w/o a suppository! The world is looking brighter! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Little Lemonhead...

That is what I have been calling Warren for the last few days. He has jaundice and his biliruben count was 16.9! He has been in a bilibed (here at home) since yesterday (4/6) afternoon. Thankfully, he doesn't mind much, and he just sleeps. I can only take him out to feed and change him. We had his count checked this afternoon, and should get the results tomorrow.
In the pic below, Warren is lying on the bilibed in the cradle my daddy made for him. You can see the little straight jacket type thing that his arms are in. His whole body is in it, actually, under the blankets.
My mom has gone back to OK and today was my first day alone with Warren. It wasn't bad as far as caring for him, but I was an emotional wreck to say the least. I cried practically all day long. I did better tonight after Roy got home. My sister is coming on Friday, and I am so excited to see her and for her to see Warren - and for her to clean my house! She's a neat-freak and wants to come and take care of me, my baby, and my house. I can't wait!
Because things are crazy, I am just posting pics as I can. Below are a few:
Tonight Warren had his first sponge bath at home. He doesn't like to be messed with, as this picture clearly shows. Of course right after I finished sponging him he peed all over himself , so I had to start over! LOL He cuddled with daddy afterward, which made everything better.
Many people have asked how Cleo has taken to Warren. This was a pic of her the day we brought Warren home from the hospital. She was so excited to see inside the carseat. She is adjusting well, but it has been difficult for her, esp. to see her daddy giving love and attention to someone else. She knows Warren is above her in rank, and she is intimidated by him. I think she's warming up, though. After his bath tonight she smelled and licked his wet hair/head!
I got a surprise when I got home from the hospital - roses and expensive champagne!!!!

This is a cute doggy shirt that my former college roommate gave to Warren. He looks like such a little man!

More posts and pics to come (my mom took over 200 pics while she was here!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Birth of Baby Warren

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post pics! Motherhood is very time consuming (duh, right?). I have merely minutes to post - mom is trying to keep Warren asleep, so I can post before I feed - so my words will be few:
I arrived at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center on Tuesday, March 31, 2009, at 6:00 a.m. Within an hour and a half, I was in the labor and delivery room with the pictocin dripping, and I was waiting for doctor to come and break my water. Note: Hair and makeup was very important to me then - now, post delivery, not so much! LOL

Breathing through a contraction and text messaging! The doctor broke my water at 8 a.m., and I was dilated 3cm and 90% effaced. He came back at 10 a.m., just after I'd had the epidural, and I was dilated 4cm and 90% effaced. When he returned at noon, I was already 7cm...

So what was Roy doing during all of this? School work, of course!!!

Warren's heart rate dropped, so they put me on oxygen. He did much better after that, but I stayed on it the whole time. Around 12:30, only 30minutes after the OB said I was 7cm, I started to shiver and feel lots of pressure... the nurse checked me and I was ready to push!!!! A quick call to the doctor, and we were on our way.
Labor was more difficult that I had ever imagined. I used a mirror to help me focus and know if I was pushing. My body parts down there never looked so freakish (the image is still in my mind!), but it was a wonderfully fulfilling experience. It wore me out, big time! I only pushed for about 40-50mins, and at 1:48 p.m. our sweet little Warren was born. Unfortunately, on Warren's way out, I heard a crack. When I asked the doc what it was, he told me my tail bone had broken - ouch!
I was surprised to see all his dark brown hair!
The pic above was taken after Warren was weighed and measured - 7lbs even, 19 1/2in long.
Roy was awesome through the whole thing (he even told me my highlights looked great in the hospital lights!), and it was so sweet to see him hold Warren for the first time.
My mom was awesome through the whole labor and delivery, and I can't imagine having to have faced this challenge without her help.
A couple hours later we were moved to our room where Warren got his first bath - he doesn't like to be messed with!
Daddy consoled Warren with his soothing voice; it was quite obvious that Warren recognized both of our voices when he heard them.
Here he is, all clean and bundled, our son, Warren Van Garton.
(By the way, after being a mommy now for four days, I am figuring out how to multi-task. I mentioned earlier that my mom was trying to keep Warren happy, so I can finish posting, well, that didn't work, but I am posting anyway - I am breastfeeding Warren and typing with one hand!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aunt Kim blogs again...

Warren and Debbie will be coming home tomorrow afternoon - until then, here is a priceless picture taken this morning about 11:30. I think he kind of looks a little like his Auntie Kim ;-)