Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cute Kid, Good Movie, and Short Dinner

I washed all Warren's 3-6mth clothes yesterday. He can still fit into some of his 0-3mths clothes, but I learned my lesson that baby clothes are often only an inch different in size, or they seem to be mislabeled. For example, the adorable pilot outfit in these pics is a size 6mths, yet when I hold it up to his 3mth clothes, it's the same size! I have to make sure and size up his clothes or he will never even be able to wear many of them because he has so many. Enough babbling; look at my cute baby boy!

I love Warren's silly no-teeth face in the pic below, but Roy says it makes W look like he rides the short bus. Horrible!

Cleo rarely climbs on my lap or even sits beside me all day when I am holding or sitting next to Warren, but as soon as eight o'clock rolls around and he's in bed, Cleo finds her spot on me. Sometimes she even gives me tons of kisses!

This afternoon we went to the dollar theatre and watched the new XMen movie about Wolverine. I thought it was great; I was never bored one time, and the movie answered many of the questions I had about Wolverine's beginnings. Warren did an excellent job again. He sat up and watched the movie for about an hour, and then slept until the credits. Cool kid!
We had taken Cleo to Dogtopia for the afternoon, so when we got out of the movie at 5pm, we decided to continue our date night and headed to Chili's for dinner. I fed Warren during our appetizer, but a few minutes later (right about the time our entree's arrived, and I had taken three bites), he blurted out crying. He just wouldn't calm down, and he sounded like he was in pain. I went outside with him to try to calm him, but it wasn't working. I finally got him to calm a little and went back inside to tell Roy we should go ahead and leave, but he had already paid the ticket, gotten a to-go box, and was packing our bags. (Such a good daddy!)
We got in the car and headed across the street to get Cleo, then headed home. Funny thing was that as soon as we started driving, Warren was fine. We get home and all seemed well, but then Warren started suddenly crying again, even screaming one time. It was awful! Maybe for some this is no big deal, but Warren never cries, so when he does, it means something is wrong.
We figured out he had really bad gas. He has been having bowel issues since the day he was born, but recently they have gotten worse (since our trip to Ponca, actually). He hasn't had a bowel movement on his own in almost two weeks - I have to give him a glycerin suppository to get him to go, and when he does, he isn't comfortable. After three doses of gas drops, some gripe water, a glycerin supp., his daddy singing to him, and lots of tummy rubbing from mommy, he finally worked through it. Poor baby.
I had a sample can of Similac Soy Formula, and I had thought several times about trying him on it, but tonight made me decide for sure. I did some research on and many mom's said it made a big diff. in their baby's bowels. I fed it to him before bed, and he seemed to like it. Experts say there's not any difference nutritionally in soy and milk, so he's still getting what he needs. We will try this and see if his body gets things together and working comfortably. I don't want to see him again in the pain he was tonight. I nearly cried myself!


Brandon and Kensie said...

I love little boys with hats! SO cute!

I cried when I had to leave Tyler as does get better and he LOVED the day care. We were pretty picky about it and he did awesome! I'm loving being home this summer with might be harder when I go back in the fall! :-(

kimnewland said...

Poor baby! Both John & Sarah had Soy formula and did great; all babies are different I suppose. Miss you all :-)