Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Much Can Change in A Week

Today was Warren's first time to go to Sunday School. He looked super cute in his tie onesie!
We are so amazed how Warren can not be able to do something one day, then the very next day, he can! Example? Reaching/grabbing things held in front of him. He started about two days ago to just reach for things, but now he's got it down.
He played on his play mat for about 40mins today, just moving and grabbing his toys. I, of course, had to get it on video.
Another thing Warren has started to do is scream while cooing. It's not really loud yet, just really high pitched, but it seems to be getting more frequent and louder each day. Love it!


kimnewland said...

Baby Warren, quit growing!! This is your Aunt Kim talking - stop!!! I love you and miss you so very much XOXOXOXO :-)

Harris Family said...

How cute!!! I saved Cilla's first "sunday school" lessons. Is that dumb?!?!