Saturday, April 28, 2012

Warren is 3 and Grant is 1

How is it possible our sweet boys are already 3 and 1?!!!!!   

 I love this pic below.... looks just like his daddy.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 mths old!

Grant is 10mths old!!!! I still can't believe how quickly life goes by. Our baby boy is the sweetest, cuddliest, happiest baby ever! I think he lives to laugh! He is extremely ticklish on every part of his body. He loves to laugh at Warren and loves to race to Cleo's water bowl laughing, just waiting for us to catch him.

Grant has 3 teeth - two on bottom and one on top. He is wearing 18/24mth clothes, and size 4 shoes. He says dada, mama, bubba, dog, ball, uh-oh... well, not all the time, but he can say them. He waves bye, pulls up to his feet, crawls (he's the fastest army crawler around! He can crawl on his hands and knees, but chooses not to most of the time.) He still loves to jump in his jumparoo, but not as much now that he can get around so well. He would much rather be crawling around playing. He still likes to be rocked to sleep and holds onto his doggie blanket to nap. He is nearing the end of formula, and drinks only about 16-18oz a day. Otherwise he drinks juice or water with meals, which are all regular food, no more baby foods for him!

He is still a momma's boy, but he is starting to really like time with his daddy.

Seems he is going to love the outdoors as much as Warren does.

Pulling up all over the place.

This is my favorite pic of Grant! I pulled out my camera and he stayed in this position until I finished taking the pic.

This pic below is of Warren at 10mths.... people say how much Grant and Warren look alike, but when I actually see their pics together like this, I think they look very different.

Grant, you fill our life and Warren's life with such joy. Your love for food and cuddles are most important to you, along with time to play with your brother. I can't wait to see how you grow and learn in 2012.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Grant just turned 8mths old! Today he started saying, "da-da" and he has the sweetest voice! He seriously is our little cuddle monkey. He is always pulling my face to him to give me kisses and he still wants to be rocked to sleep or just held. Right now he is a momma's boy and will cry if I walk by him and don't pick him up. He's army crawling all over the place and can sit up on his own for ten second or so.

He's figured out how to close the pop ups on the toy below, and he's starting to mimic us tapping/patting a table or something. He weighs about 23lbs and is drinking 6oz bottles every three hours. He usually goes to sleep for the night at 7pm, and while he had several weeks of sleeping thru the night, he has gotten into a crazy pattern of waking up around 4am and only going back to sleep on my chest. He is a super light sleeper, and if Warren makes a noise or wakes up, then Grant wakes up too.

Warren truly hates having his picture taken these days. He actually ran away yelling, "Noooo!" from the school photographer on the playground. Ha! Just like his daddy! He is still completely into cars, trucks, garbage trucks, fire engines, and all types of construction vehicles. He is talking perfectly clear and one of his new favorite words is "yahoo." He says it when he's excited. Adorable!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

At the Fair!

Tonight we went to the HOT fair! It was Warren's first time to ever go to a fair, and he really enjoyed it. He actually cried when he had to get off this firetruck!

The firetruck below went way up in the air. Warren wasn't sure what to think, so Roy was trying to get him to smile. We thought for a moment he was going to throw up. When the ride was over he was all smiles.
He rode on two trains (in the engineer's seat, of course) but this one went around a curve fast and each time he just giggled/grinned so big! I love seeing him smile!
We went on the gondola to finish out the night!

We brought Grant with us too. He was just so content to ride around in the stroller, that he went an hour past his regular eating time... and if you know Grant and his love for eating, that's saying something!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Labor Day Pics by Grammie

My parents came down to visit for Labor Day weekend. We were at the park getting Grant's 5mth pictures, and Warren didn't want Grammie to take his picture at all.... until...

Daddy put him up in a high tree!!!! Then the smiles kept coming.

Pics of Warren and Grant together were not happening either... this one's the best we got.

Crazy! Grant is nearly the same size as his big brother... just like Roy and his younger brothers!

Grammie and Papa

Grant is 5mths old and is the sweetest little guy with the best smile...
He's so easy going that Grammie kept calling him "sober socks" while she was trying to get his picture. He was just fine with lying in the grass and playing with it. Getting a grin was tough!

Finally got one!

Grant during 5th month:

1) Rolls over (tummy to back and back to tummy)

2) Jibber-jabbers

3) Blows raspberries

4) Gives kisses (he will actually grab our face, open his mouth wide, and lean forward... he truly knows how to kiss - look out ladies!!!!!)

5) Slobbers buckets, esp. when chewing on his hands

6) Bottles (4-6oz) at 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, and 7pm
7) Cereal for breakfast, fruit/veggies for lunch and dinner

8) Still LOVES to be rocked to sleep (or rocked while awake!) and just cuddle

9) Jumps in his jump-a-roo (just started this week!)

10) Smiles at his brother everytime he see him

Grant has been on acid reflux meds for a few weeks now and hardly ever spits up anymore!!! I knew the doctors were wrong! They kept telling me I was overfeeding him, but I knew that was not the case, esp. when he's only eating 20oz of formula a day and he's 20lbs!

We are having so much fun with two boys. I can't imagine my life any differently.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Visit from the Cousins!

Roy went to London for a week at the beginning of July, and my sister and the kids came to stay with us while he was gone. It was AWESOME to not only see them all but also to watch Warren with them. I have to admit the first two days were rough: Warren was just plain mean to Sarah (i.e. hitting her, pushing her, once he even dumped his bowl of milk on her!); I think he was having possesion issues or something, but after two days, he was fabulous, and they all played together so well.

A little time in the sprinkler!

John and Sarah did a great job with Grant, too. They would ask to hold him often. Sarah even fed him, burped him, and put him to sleep!

One morning we went outside to play in the dirt. Unfortunately John and Sarah got a few mosquito bites out of it.

Baby Grant fell in love with his Auntie Kim! Everytime she picked him up he leaned over, buried his face in her, and went to sleep. It was hilarious! She didn't seem to mind too much.

Enjoying some Bomb Pops together!

Grant is 3 1/2mths old! Crazy how time flies. He is doing wonderfully. All the issues of spitting up/acid reflux seem to have subsided. He now eats 4oz of formula (still the low lactose kind) WITHOUT adding the cereal to it. He is staying full and isn't having all the tummy troubles. He is eating baby food and cereal once a day at least. He has even started sleeping thru the night!!! Usually he is out by 9pm and wakes at 6am. Now if we can just get Warren to stay asleep all night!

Grant is such a cuddler, and this momma is loving it! Warren rarely even wants me. I have to chase him down to get kisses, but Grant, he gives me giant grins and giggles and wants me to hold him. Actually, he likes anyone to hold him, but that's beside the point...

Grant has been reaching for things for a couple weeks now. He holds his head up very well, recognizes when we are eating (he LOVES to share popsicles and fusses when I don't give him quick even bites), wears 6-9mths and 9-12mths clothes, and #3 diapers. He giggles and follows everything with his eyes/head quickly. He enjoys watching TV and his brother. When he is tired or falling asleep he loves to hold onto a blanket or lovie. He has also started sucking his right thumb sometimes. I start taking him to daycare Aug 2.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Picture Journal

Having time to blog is nearly impossible these days, so I am just trying to post pictures and short blurbs... here goes.

Grant has a couple nicknames because of how he loves to be held:

Mr. Cuddles and Cuddle Monkey

Grant is one strong little man!

Father's Day 2011 - a blender, a set of files, and a utility knife.

Since Grant is so hungry, the doctor said we could start him early on baby foods. This was the first spoon feeding. (about 10wks old)

Warren is a fast learner!

Got a pool for Warren - he mostly likes the spraying palm trees!

Several weeks ago we played outside with the spraying seal from Grammie and Papa... once again, it's all about eating the water!

More to come...