Friday, September 24, 2010

12 week Check up

I had my 12wk checkup today and got to have another ultrasound! It was not planned, but I mentioned it to the nurse and she said she will get the doc to do one. When the obgyn came in he asked, "What are you two girls cooking up?" LOL The baby is looking great. Heartbeat was about 160bpm, and he kept moving his arm in and out. You can see his head on the bottom of the pic and his hand to the right of his belly. The doctor did check between the legs, but he didn't see anything... way too early. Still, I am just saying "he" because it's easier than typing he/she, his/hers all the time. I have lost weight since being pregnant, which is awesome!!! I hope to only gain 25lbs with this one instead of 35lbs, esp. since I am still hanging onto 12lbs from Warren
This picture was taken last Sunday, but I swear I am much bigger now. On Monday my uterus was really sore all day, and on Tues. my belly was bigger! Crazy how that happens!
My parents were here last weekend and mom took some pics. We got some good ones for Warren's 18mth pic, and a couple of our family were okay. I love the one above with Roy and Warren.
Warren with Grammie and Papa. He has said "papa" for some time now, but finally during this visit he said "mami"... now my mom doesn't feel left out. LOL

Thursday, September 9, 2010


It is so easy not too update my blog now that I have a Facebook account, but I am making myself try to update when it comes to baby#2....

For the past two weeks, I've had a headache off and on, and when I cough, it feels like the top of my head is going to blow right off. Ouch! Tylenol would dull the pain, but not take it away. I called the OB's office today, and his nurse said come in, so she can check my blood pressure. I did, and it was 140/70. Mine is normally 120/70, but doctor said he wasn't worried about it.

Warren was with me at the appointment (Roy was in class), so I had him sitting on my legs while I was lying on the bed. He wasn't sure what to think of the doctor messing with his mama! He made a face at the OB, but sat real still while we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was a relief to hear it beating so fast. I have been more concerned about miscarriage this time around, for some reason. I've had two friends miscarry, so it is on the forefront of my mind anytime something is not "normal."

Apparently headaches are normal with pregnancy, esp. up until week 20 or so. (Ugh! I'm 10wks and 5 days right now.) Doc said it's due to the changes in hormone levels. He prescribed some Tylenol with Codeine. So far it has dulled the pain, but not taken it away yet. I can take two, but only took one at my pharmicist's suggestion, so if it isn't gone soon, I may just take the other one.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Warren is 17mths Old

Warren turned 17mths old yesterday. He is growing more physically each day, but we are really noticing him grow intellectually. He is using voice inflection when he babbles, and it sounds like he is really saying something. Today he said his first sentence (other than "what's that?"). He was trying to get into the guestroom (so he could turn on the TV) and I said, "Ask daddy to open the door," and he said, "open the door." Roy and I were both pretty amazed that it was so clear. Very cool.

He is doing better at not hitting. Perhaps it was just a phase. He has a little friend at school whose name is Jackson, but Warren usually calls him "Jack-jack." Today when I picked him up from daycare, Jackson came over and they told each other bye. I love it!

Warren's bottom-right molar just broke skin yesterday. It was quite a relief after several days of super swollen gums, fussiness, and runny nose/cough. That means he now has 6 on top and 6 on the bottom.

He can build really well with blocks now. Today he stacked three column-type blocks on top of each other without them falling! It's fun to watch him be so purposeful in placing them. He has also become quite the monkey, climbing on whatever he can. His favorite foods are pizza and mac & cheese, and he likes to drink frozen drinks (frapps, smoothies, milkshakes). He likes to stand on the "ep-ool" (stepstool) to help us do anything in the kitchen, and of course he still LOVES to watch music videos. Roy has downloaded some of Warren's favorites onto our computers, and seriously, the kid will sit for 20mins just watching them and dancing.

Ok, enough for now. Eighteen months is his next check up shots. I will have plenty more to post then.