Friday, January 30, 2009

New Stuff!

Tonight I put together Warren's playard. I must admit that putting the extra changing table and mini bed on the top was a pain in the uterus (ya, I know, my pregnancy sense of humor is pathetic!), but I love the design and the colors. I put the travel system together last week (the car seat is in the car, so it's not in this pic).
Roy and I had a date night tonight! It was wonderful after not really seeing each other much this week. We went to Target and bought the play yard, went and ate at Wing Stop, went to Barnes and Noble (I bought Warren another Dr. Suess book!), and then we went to the dollar theatre and watched Quantam of Solace. Afterward we came home and got Cleo and headed out to Starbucks. After we got home I put together the play yard. Great night!

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Melissa said...

Very fun night! LOVE the print on your playyard! Love, love. Can't believe you only have 9 weeks until your due date! Wish we could be there to love on you guys!