Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's Wrong With Me?

I woke up this morning with the same pain I had last week thinking I had another UTI. I called my OB, and he wanted to see him. I went in and he took a urine sample, but said there where no white cells in my specimen, which means there is no infection. I told him that was crazy because I have pain down there; my urine burns; and I feel like I have to pee constantly, even though sometimes it is just one or two drops. He said it could be my uterus just pushing on my bladder, but I reminded him that I had been on meds for a UTI last week, and I was totally fine until this morning. I asked if this would happen if it were just my uterus on my bladder, and he said that would be A-typical. He decided to go ahead and give me a UTI prescription. He said it can be our experiment. If it gets better, we'll assume it helped. The good thing about the visit was that I got to hear Warren's heartbeat again, and he seems to be totally unaffected by my issue, whatever it is.

Well... I took the first pill at 10:30 this morning, and I have felt no relief so far. In fact, I have a soreness on my left side and partially into my back. At this point it's not painful, but I am very aware of the soreness. Interesting.

To make my morning even crazier, I got into the car to go to work, and my passenger side window was shattered! It had not fallen in, so I don't think someone tried to break in, but the whole window was shattered. We couldn't see a hole or puncture point, so we have no idea what happened. Thankfully we were able to get it fixed today for only $130, but it was just another blip in my day.

So I have been asking, What's Wrong With Me? today...


Melissa said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling miserable. Did they check your kidneys? That's not medically based at all...just an idea...they could possibly check that with ultrasound. It would just make me nervous that it seems to be a radiating ache and only on one side but back and front. I'll be praying for quick relief! Oh, and sorry about the window.

CristyG said...

Babies can get there feet and arms in places and push on things inside that cause pain you never have felt or just confuses you. I had alot of lower back and side pain that reminded me of when you have an air bubble trapped in your lungs. Best thing to do: Listen to your body more than your mind. Worrying about the issue could cause more stress on the baby than the actual issue. So just remember. Baby has a heart beat, baby is healthy, and billions of people have had the same issues you are having health wise. So stay strong and try hard not to be the doctor, cause lets just remember, the guy you may try to tell how to do his job, is the very guy that could quite possibly be giving you an episiotomy, and take it from me, they can get cut happy down there, and it doesn't hurt them one bit. Chin up sis, your doing great!