Tuesday, January 6, 2009

26 Weeks Dr. Appt.

On Friday, January 2, I had my 26weeks checkup. To my chagrin, I had gained 8lbs in 4 weeks, and a total of 21 in this pregnancy so far. I have 3 months to go, so I am going to really watch my weight and try not to get over that suggested 35lb mark. I never would have thought I would have gained 14lbs in two months! My doctor said, "That's good; that's what we want," but it is really hard to think that way. Anyway, I was measuring right on schedule, so I guess it's okay. I am, after all, growing a human! I also had to take the gestational diabetes test, and so far the doctor hasn't called me, so either the results were normal, or he hasn't received the results yet. I am hoping for the former.

Warren's heartbeat is about 150bpm. He is about 16" from head to toe and weighs around 2.5lbs. I am feeling him all throughout the day now, and I can nearly always tell where he is by pushing on my belly. Last night when I went to bed he had the hiccups, and he did not like them at all. He moved and kicked so much for about 3mins that I almost felt nauseous and couldn't wait for him to stop moving!

The top of my uterus has been sore the past two days, so I guess I am having another growth spurt. Roy told me tonight that my belly looks bigger today than it did even two days ago. He never comments on my belly, so it must be true.

My next appointment is on the 29th, and then I think I start going every two weeks... it's getting so close!

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kimnewland said...

You think time is going by quickly now - just wait until you look around and see your "baby" at 6 1/2and reading and very independant. it is so scary how fast it all goes by. Cherish it while you can; even those "hiccup" moments. I love and miss you so much!