Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update

I am officially preregistered at the hospital, I have the car seat in my car, the stroller all together, a breast pump on order, Tums at my side, a baby shower being planned for spring break, and a growing baby boy inside of me that is now so long he is kicking my right side close to my ribs. The other day he must have been in the butt-in-the-air position because my tummy was completely lopsided - the right side was about 2-3" higher than the left - and it was sooo hard it felt like a rock.

It is getting harder to sleep well at night. And I can't believe I am actually blogging this, but I have now officially had 3 lesbian dreams while being pregnant. Gross. I have read about weird dreams during pregnancy, but not this kind. Maybe no one else is willing to admit it... or maybe it's like Roy said, "Oh great, our son is going to be gay." LOL We laugh it off knowing it means nothing at all, but still, it's something for the memory "book," which is this blog.

I am starting to feel the stress of getting my maternity leave lesson plans done. I haven't even started them yet. It's so hard because I am busy planning for my classes now, much less 9 weeks from now.

Roy's semester is already crazy. In fact, he hasn't even been home yet today, and it's 6:45pm. He is researching in the library. Thankfully, this is his final semester of classes. In the fall and spring he has a one hour class per week and then the rest of the time to prepare for prelims. He will still have to work for his professor, but it will be so nice for him to not have classes - not to mention it will give him more time with Warren.

My OB appt. is Thursday; I will post again afterwards.

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Melissa said...

Wow! The carseat in the car makes it real, doesn't it? :) I'm so glad Roy's schedule will be relaxing soon. I'll be praying for easy rest for you and quick and efficient planning for school. Repeat after me...deep breaths. :)