Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly

The Good:
I had a great surprise waiting for me when I got home today - a Valentine's box from my big sister! She had sent something for all four of us: a sweet puppy dog for Warren, some yummy treats for Cleo, a giant Toblerone candy bar for Roy, and all the rest for me!!!!
I bet this will be Warren's favorite stuffed animal!
Cleo loved her V-day treats from Aunt Kim! She picked out the sweetest icing treat first and chowed down!
On Sunday, Roy and I got a glider and ottoman for the nursery. It was the last big item we needed, aside from a highchair. I also ordered a second base for the car seat and an activity mat that was half off! Today I bought another puppy outfit for Warren. I might make this his coming home outfit.
Another good thing is that we found out we will be getting a tax refund, which is fabulous because I need to get the condenser or compressor, or something like that, fixed on my car. I will be so glad to have my a/c back!

The Bad:
Being 31 weeks pregnant brings on some aches and pains that I have not had this whole pregnancy. One of which is clumsiness. Not only do I bump into something or someone at least twice a day, but I am spilling things, dropping things, and losing my footing. I slipped on our bottom step a couple days ago. I was carrying Cleo down the stairs when it happened. Thankfully I held onto her and just landed on my butt on the bottom step, but I did hit my big toe and scratch my elbow. Nothing bad, but I must admit it was scary afterward because I realized it could have been bad and hurt Warren.
Another ache I am having is muscle cramps in my calves. I have had some off and on for several weeks now, but last night I had one so bad that I couldn't even move my foot. It was like my muscle had completely locked up. I had to get Roy to help me. After a calf rub and some tears, I was okay. It happened again in the middle of the night, but not as bad, so I was able to stand on my own. Today my calves feel like I worked them out super hard. I guess I need to eat more banana splits to give me potassium!
I also am running out of clothes that I can wear. I tried on all my clothes and had to put most of them away. I have several winter shirts, but it's the spring/summer shirts that just don't fit anymore. I found one at Kohls tonight for only $6, so that made me happy.
The Smelly:
Pregnancy gas is sour and lingers in the cushions of the car for a looooong time! (And that's all I have to say about that!) LOL


the rushes of OKC said...

I had the leg cramps too, usually in the middle of the night. I would just have to stand up and try and flatten my foot out, and that usually helped. Love all the new baby stuff!! I agree with the breastfeed too. I did for 10 months with Izze, and the whole year with Ian. So glad I did. So glad you guys are doing well!

Melissa said... could have just left the smelly out all together! LOL! :)

Sorry about the leg cramps. Up the potassium and WATER! Can't encourage that enough. It really makes a huge difference. Promise. How fun that your sis sent you a v-day gift! :) Enjoy every bit of it!