Thursday, January 15, 2009

28.5 Weeks Pic

When I first got pregnant, I told myself I was not going to post any naked belly pics until there was no doubt that all the belly was baby - I guess now it is quite obviously all baby, so I went for it.

Roy is my photographer for these pics, and he became really goofy tonight! He decided to take "pictures from all the angles to cover my bases all at once." LOL The pics are crazy, but I had to post them for the humor.

He actually got on the floor to take this one! I have still been feeling really well, considering how far along I am. I think the UTI is about gone, and hopefully I won't get anymore - ever! The top of my uterus has been growing more recently, and my ribs are sore once again, which just means more growth! It's all so exciting! Speaking of exciting ... I ordered our travel system tonight!!!!! Love Target!


Melissa said...

Oh look! There's your linea negra! :) Cute and funny pics! Love the travel system! :)

the rushes of OKC said...

You look great!! You will love the travel system, it comes in so handy everywhere!

kimnewland said...

I wish I could see you again before Warren comes! You look so amazing! As you know, we had the very same travel system and used it with both kids for years - it is great! Ordering an extra base for the second car is a good idea too (if you didn't already). TTYL Love you!

The Pereira Family said...

you're adorable.