Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Roy and I opened our gifts on the Sunday before Christmas. I know this is a terrible pic, but each year Roy and I always take a pic of ourselves, so it's kind of a tradition. Cleo got her present first!
Roy gave me some great gifts and stocking stuffers. See all those bath fizzie balls? Those will be really nice and relaxing in the next few months, assuming I can actually get out of the tub once I am in it!
I gave Roy a French press and a coffee bean grinder, along with some other things (like the scotch - when he opened it, his first words were, "I can take this to the hospital with me." LOL)
On Sunday night, we met with a group of friends we hadn't seen in a long time. I forgot my camera, of course, so no pics, but it was wonderful to catch up with their lives, laugh together, eat too much, and play with the kids. When one friend (Justin) saw my belly, he said, "Now that's a side of you I never thought I would see!" David was gracious and told me I am not very big at all. I LOVED that! We sure missed our friends from CO and AR being there though... We love you Yocums and Fortners!
On Monday we left for OK. On our way, we stopped in Waxahachie to see my college roommate and her dog Pickles. It was great to chat and to watch our dogs play. On Tuesday, I received a special treat: my mom, niece, and I all got pedicures!
My mom gave me some pajamas for Christmas. I just love them, but look at my belly!!! It has really grown these last few weeks. I suppose the polka dots don't flatter.
Here's another pic of the baby bump ... I love black! It truly doesn't show the enormousness of my belly! In reference to my belly, my sister said, "It's not gigantic." Hmm, that doesn't sound like a compliment to me, though she swore it was! Another lady told me, "You're getting fat" about three times. I just love people! LOL
Cleo enjoyed opening her gifts from the family, too!
I just love my niece and nephew! They are both growing up so fast, and it makes me feel old. Aren't they cuties? We also had a great time with Roy's family. We were able to see Sumer, his sister whom we had not seen in a couple of years; she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. I am so glad she is back home, so Warren can know his Aunt Sumer.
Seeing Cristy and Keara is always a highlight of our trip. Roy taught Keara to say "coconut/banana butt" - what are uncles for, anyway?
On Sunday, I had my first baby shower! I received many nice gifts and was so excited to see my friends and family and enjoy my special day with them. My mom and I got a pic together at the shower. I think it was our only pic together the whole trip. (By the way, the shirt I have on in this pic buttoned up last week, but it was too tight to button this week, so I took my mom's suggestion and just proudly let the belly hang out.) We came back home yesterday, the 29th, and today Roy is at work and I am supposed to be cleaning the house. Ha! I did put away all the baby gifts I received, so it hasn't been a total loss. We are having company over for dinner tonight, so I really need to get motivated. I still have to go to the grocery store...
To all of you - Merry Christmas!


kimnewland said...

It was so nice to see you and glad you made it home okay - not sure how everythign managed to fit in your car without a U-Haul; but one thing is for sure...Roy is an excellent packer! Have fun at dinner. Love you! (and you are NOT gigantic :-)

thehoddy said...

i was sad i didn't get to see you as well. if you'd be alright with bringing cleo to my house, we could still do lunch even if i made some pasta or something simple. what do you think?

thehoddy said...

PS, when will you be coming through?