Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week of Woes and other Random Thoughts

This has just not been my week! Sunday my neck/shoulder muscle threw a fit and my ribs on the right side were killing me ... I got meds for the muscle and it and the ribs are better.

Yesterday, however.... I chipped a tooth on a piece of garlic toast at school!!!! It was my back molar on the bottom right. Thankfully there was no pain, and I was able to go to the dentist today. It only took 30mins and $50 to build up the tooth, so I was happy about that, but still ... this has not been my week! Have I mentioned that the a/c compressor went out on my Kia two weeks ago? Oh ya, it's only $875 to fix!
So let's calculate: $875 car + $50 tooth + $25 muscle relaxers + $300 in missed work = TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say, "What else can go wrong?" but perhaps I should take my mom's advice and not even go there! LOL
Sometimes the old "S*** Happens" bumper stickers are really true. I guess it's how we respond to those happenings that's most important. You would think that I would be depressed about all of this, but I'm not. I am just laughing about it all. Perhaps having this wonderful baby boy growing inside of me and moving and kicking is just what I need right now to keep my sanity.

Some good news, though, is that Roy will be working part time for RCS over the winter break. That's the great company he worked for before he got into Baylor for the Ph.D program.

Can you believe I only have a little more than 3.5mths before I hold my baby?! Where is the time going? My belly is really growing these days. Some days I can actually feel my skin stretching, and I just wonder if I will pop. I am now bumping into things (and people!) with my belly, and my students are bumping into my belly, too. Everyday someone says, "Look at that growing belly, Mrs. Garton," as if I can't see it myself. One teacher actually told me I was growing wider! Now that's what every pregnant woman wants to hear! LOL

I can no longer groom my pubic hair because I can't really see it. Guess I will have to get a mirror, cause there is no way I am trusting my husband with a razor down there!!!! My toes look terrible because I can't sit scrunched up to paint them, and I have to turn my leg sideways to get my socks on now because my belly is too big and tight to lift my leg up straight in front of me. I am even having to get into my car differently because I just can't fold up like I used to. I can see inside of my belly button, though it hasn't yet become an outie, and I am pleased to see that it is clean and rather perfectly shaped, if I do say so myself. LOL My breasts are still growing and leaking, so much so that I am now wearing nursing pads during the day. Roy still thinks it's gross, but he is dealing well with the leakage.

We are having one of Roy's professors and his family over for dinner on Saturday. I am making baby back ribs, cheesy bacon potatoes, bacon wrapped green beans, and cherry dump cake. Gotta impress the prof, ya know. :)

We have not yet finished our Xmas shopping, and I haven't even put up our tree this year. We will be in Oklahoma with our families from the 22-29th, and then back home for a few days before school starts up again for me.

Talk about a book! This is way too long of a blog post...


kimnewland said...

Yummy - wish I could come to the Garton house for dinner - that dinner sounds great! See you in a few days.

cristy said...

I will gladly give you one of my amazing foot rubs and scrubs and paint your toenails for you when you get here!! My xmas present to you. P.S keara can't wait to see you guys, all she talks about is cleo and you two!