Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Things My Girlfriends Never Told Me About Being Pregnant

1. You have to turn your foot sideways to get socks or pantyhose on.
2. You have to spread your legs wide when you try to get into the car, so your belly has a place to go.
3. You can no longer cross your legs because your belly is too hard and too big.
4. You have a consistent worry about the cord getting wrapped around the baby's neck, so you poke and prod your belly daily to be sure the baby is still moving.
5. You have an immediate camaraderie with any woman that is pregnant.
6. You can no longer safely trim your pubic hair - ouch!
7. The feeling of the baby being inside of you is so amazing, you are willing to have twelve children just to feel this way again.
8. Your breasts can leak during pregnancy, not just while breastfeeding.
9. Your private parts don't look normal anymore.
10. You can no longer take a bath without having trouble getting up out of the tub.
11. Your belly becomes a handy armrest.
12. People look at your belly instead of your face.


the rushes of OKC said...

This is too funny, and true! lol

The Pereira Family said...

Yep! All true. See you soon friend!