Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Posting

My parents have gone home, and life is back to its normal routine. The kids at school today were crazy. They had horrible attitudes and made me ask, "Is it legal to strangle my students?" LOL I know it's just because they have been at home for 5 days w/o any structure or discipline, but still, it was a draining day.
Before my parents left, I was able to get some pics of them:
My daddy next to the cradle he made for Warren. (See those blankets? My Mom made those!)

My parents, obviously.

Mom and I spent lots of time talking about Warren, and she got to feel him move a few times, too. (Please ignore my hat head and pale face in this pic! We had been shopping all day.)

I told Daddy that at Christmastime, we will have to take a pic belly to belly - I bet mine will still be smaller, though it feels massive to me right now.

My mom helped me make curtains for our bathrooms while she was here. She is a talented seamstress, but I, on the other hand, am just a lazy wannabe. She kept trying to get me to do things the right way, and I kept trying to talk her out of wasting my time doing it right. LOL It was quite funny - esp. when my lines were all crooked and, as you can see in the pic, my hems were not even either. Anyway, the curtains are complete and I am happy - that's all that matters, right? Keep the pregnant woman happy.

On Saturday, after Mom and Dad left, I made some white pecan pralines. They are super easy and taste so yummy - Warren seems to like them, too!
I am feeling Warren move more often these days. Normally during the school day I only feel him move when I sit down and lean forward to type, but today I felt him about four times just while I was walking around the classroom. Being pregnant is such a cool experience. I told Roy I can understand why some people (not mentioning any names, Yocums and Seiferts!) have so many kids it seems they are trying to repopulate the earth - it just feels awesome to have a baby inside of you! I could do this pregnancy thing more than twice, for sure - but according to Roy, that's not going to happen! LOL


J Whitlark said...

Can't believe you are having a boy! That is SO exciting! I love the cradle too. My sister in law has one that her dad made her and it was perfect for her first (and soon to be second) babies. What a special treat for your family.

Melissa said...

Hey now... I'm not trying to repopulate the earth...just populate my house so it will always be full. I LOVE that about my family...the one I grew up in, I mean. But I agree about how cool it is to be pregnant. I've often said that if I didn't think I would get attached, I would totally be a surrogate. You look fabulous, and not huge at all!! :) And don't worry, even tummy to tummy, you'll still be smaller. I'm always still smaller than Cary...even though he lost 30+ lbs while I was pregnant with Carter. I'm so glad you had a good time with your parents! Hope your students get back to normal quickly! :)

RYC...Thank you so much! I think I just look tired! :) It was FREEZING, quite literally, yesterday, but today it was in the 50's, so although the snow was on the ground, it was really pretty warm unless you got wet. Since it's so dry, 50's here feels like 60's in Waco. Not bad. :)

kimnewland said...

The curtains look great! I agree with you and I don't waste my time doing it right either; just "get 'er done"! Must be from the other side of the family?!?! You look mavelous darling and I cannot wait to see you - as for more than two; I am very happy with two and don't know how people handle more - I can barely handle two most of the time having a full time job too - maybe if I could be a stay-at-home mom I would have had more; two is enough for us! Oh, and I agree with your friend Melissa - I'd be a surrogate in a heartbeat if I didn't think I'd get too attached - I felt the healthiest ever when I was pregnant! TTYL