Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Motivation

Roy told me this week that I have thrown him for a loop. He had just realized that I had not yet bought any Christmas gifts for his side of the family, and that I hadn't been bugging him incessantly to go and buy my gifts and let me open them early. In fact, he said I don't seem to even have any Christmas spirit - I haven't even put up the Christmas tree or any decorations! My response? I told him we still have plenty of time to shop - one week! It's crazy for me, I know. I am usually obsessed and driven crazy by the anticipation of opening gifts. I guess Warren is making me unmotivated or less stressed. Hormones. Anyway, we went out tonight and did some Christmas shopping. It was fun. Perhaps my Christmas spirit wasn't gone, just delayed.

Last weekend Roy put up the new curtain rods and valances in Warren's room. I moved the crib in the corner, and I like it a lot this way.
I just love the puppies!

A couple of weeks ago I found these outfits for Warren. Too cute to pass up.

I can't believe I am almost in my third trimester. Where has the time gone? I am having my first baby shower on the 28th. It is in Ponca with my family. I am excited! In fact, I should go and take a peek at my online registries to see if I can find out what I will be getting! (See, that gift-getting obsession hasn't really left me!)


goooooood girl said...

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Melissa said...

Cute, cute pics!! :) Love the crib in the corner, too. I wouldn't say you're unmotivated, I would guess your focus is just shifted. You're doing a lot right now. :) I'm in the same boat though... Although I've decorated and such, Cary and I still have to go finish up our Christmas shopping and we won't have a chance until Sunday night! I'm generally totally done except for stocking stuffers by black Friday! I've heard a lot of friends are in the same boat this year.

Oh, nice spammer by the way... (above)

kimnewland said...

Love his room! I hadn't seen it all in one picture like that yet - too cute! I can hardly wait to sit in his room and rock him for you while you nap. Won't be long now and I'll get to feel him! See you both Monday :-)