Thursday, December 4, 2008

22 Weeks Dr. Appt.

I had my doctor's appointment today, and once again, everything looked good. My blood pressure was 112/70, and I have gained a total of 13lbs, six of which have been in the last four weeks! Yikes! I heard the baby's heartbeat again, which was great, but it was cool because he kicked while we were listening. Oh, and also, I was having a contraction in the doctor's office, even though I didn't know it. My doctor felt it and was explaining it all to me. He measured my belly this time, though I forgot to ask how big it was, and we went ahead and set all my appointments through 36weeks. He told me I will likely deliver in our new hospital, which he said is very nice and the rooms are large. He said I will have the blood sugar test at 28weeks. My next appointment is Jan. 2.
I feel like it's already Christmas for Warren. Today I got his puppy bedding, the matching valances, and his stroller in the mail. I got the bedding from for $40 less than what I had originally paid at, plus they gave me a free stroller! The funny part was trying to figure out how to get the stroller unfolded. We finally did, but I must admit, I couldn't get it to collapse again, so it is staying open for a while!

I just couldn't wait to see the cute puppy bedding! I put it on the crib immediately, and I love it! The puppies are a different texture, too, which will be great when Warren can recognize textures.

I must say I really have no complaints about being pregnant, though I am experiencing some of the aches and pains of growing: My rib cage often feels like it is badly bruised, like someone has tried to pry it apart with a crowbar; I don't fit in between places like I used to due to my belly; I seem to spill stuff on my belly daily; my breasts are leaky faucets at night; and I have no motivation to clean house. ... wait, take that last one off - it has nothing to do with being pregnant; I just hate housecleaning! LOL

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kimnewland said...

Love the bedding - very cute and Warren will love it I'm sure :-) As for the stroller; some of those crazy things are difficult - the one umbrella stroller we had three years Steve never could get it to collapse so I always had to take care of it. Some are just made crazy! See you in a few weeks! Love you!