Saturday, December 20, 2008

Xmas Spirit Is Here!

This week Roy and I went out Christmas shopping two nights in a row! Then last night I got home late from school, and when I did Roy left to go buy MY presents. A few minutes after that, I got in the car and drove up to the liquor store to get him some stocking-sized scotch. He had run out a while back, and he kept teasing me saying that I should just give him a good bottle of scotch for Xmas. I told him I had already bought all of his gifts except for his stocking, and I was not going to spend $60 on a bottle of scotch to put in his stocking.
Well... I got to the store and they had the perfect stocking stuffer - three small bottles of scotch, each a different kind, in a cute little box. It was only $25, so I snatched it up. After that, I went to Sonic and got an extra long cheese coney, rings, and a strawberry malt (all for Warren, of course), and went back home all proud of myself.
I spent a couple hours wrapping all of the gifts we had bought this week, including Roy's stocking gifts. An hour or so later he came home with my gifts and ... yep, you guessed it - a bottle of scotch!!!! Ugh! He said he deserved it for getting all A's this semester. I agreed that he did and just left it at that. I didn't give away my surprise. I guess it will make it all the more humorous when we open gifts.
Oh ya, I am trying to get him to have our Xmas tonight, since we have a party tomorrow and we're leaving Mon. morning for Ponca. Xmas spirit is here! Finally!
Since I didn't put up a tree this year, we just put our gifts for family under the piano...

and our gifts to each other (and one for Cleo!) in Warren's cradle.

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Melissa said...

You guys are so funny! :) Way to think alike though! Did you succeed in gettng Roy to have Christmas early? Have so much fun celebrating