Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Crapoly! I'm almost there!

Did you notice the ticker above? I am on the final baby block!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAh!!!!! I am not sure whether to cry or cuss!!!! :)

I can't say I am nervous about labor and delivery, really, and I am not nervous about knowing how to take care of Warren, but Roy and I are both nervous about prioritizing a baby in our busy lives. My heart tells me that it won't be too difficult at first because I will want to spend all my time with him (I'm a naive new mom, I know!), but once the school year starts, I will have to be sure and not bring much work home, which most years seems nearly impossible. I must say that I am really excited to see my husband as a daddy, and to be able to help Warren pick out a Father's Day gift. We are definitely both ready for this time in our lives; I am so glad we waited nearly twelve years to have a baby!

A friend gave me a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble and told me it was for books for Warren. I got online and was able to get 13 books, two of which were box sets! So even though Warren can't even see a book right now, that totals to about 25 books he already owns - anything to keep him from liking sports!!!! Ugh.

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kimnewland said...

Books are awesome! Great idea your friend had. I cannot believe that he is almost here either. I am so excited and my excitement doesn't even compare to yours; afterall I am just the Aunt :-) But I can hardly wait and am counting down the days myself. Oh, and about the priority thing - it will all fall into place; don't worry. Being that you already are thinking about it you are already putting Warren first. You and Roy will be terrific parents! Love you all.