Saturday, March 28, 2009

39 weeks

Well, I am officially 39 weeks tomorrow! I guess this will be my final belly pic, so I decided to bare all. I never did get stretch marks. I have some white ones from when I was a kid and grew too fast, but no new ones - so excited about that!

Today mom and I got pedicures! This was my first time to get a French, and I just love it! Now at least my toes are ready for labor!

My birthday is April 11 and Mom's is April 27th. We got a little Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to celebrate early. Yum!


Melissa said...

Lookin' good, Deb! :) Your toes look fab too! It's always a little easier to stick them in someone's face if you know they look pretty. ;)

kimnewland said...

Love the highlights! You look amazing and your belly is so perfect - mine had purple and pink stretch marks all over - you always did try to out do me :-) Cannot wait to hear from you Tuesday. Love you!

Harris Family said...

you look great! i had terrible stretch marks and only got them the last few weeks! you are so lucky! i can't wait for tomorrow and to meet Warren!

Melissa said...

you get to meet sweet Warren tomorrow!!!!! :) Can't wait for news! I'm praying! :)