Thursday, March 12, 2009

36 Weeks Checkup

Well.... I am dilated 1cm but I'm 75% effaced! He said it was good that I was effaced because some women dilate but don't efface -- guess that makes delivery harder or more painful or something. The exam was a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. I do have quite a bit of bleeding/clotting, but he said that might happen.

Dr. said baby is head down. His heartbeat is about 140bpm. He is about 6.5lbs. I had only gained one pound, and I measured at 35cm. My group B test from last time was negative, so that's one less thing I have to think about.

While the doctor didn't say it, I think he thinks I am going to go early rather than late, but I suppose these things are never an exact science. I talked to him again about inducing me on the 2nd, but he reminded me that his office is moving to the new hospital on the 1-3rd, so he won't be inducing those days. So, I just told him that I will be walking from 7a - 7p trying to get this baby out on the 2nd!!! He laughed, and said "If you go that long, I can induce you on the 31st." He has never said "if" before, so that was another clue that maybe he thinks I will be earlier. Anyway, the 31st would be convenient for me and Roy, but my mom's flight doesn't arrive until the 1st. We'll see what happens. My next appt. is in one week.

It's soooo close now!!!


Melissa said...

Wow, Deb!! That IS progress! To be 75% effaced at almost 37 weeks is truly amazing. Probably all of this time you've been spending on your feet! :) I hope you get to go early and don't have to be induced. I know that's a little scary because it's unscheduled, but it can make labor a little more scary if that makes sense... So exciting that you are so far already! I bet you don't make it to your due date either!

the rushes of OKC said...

We are still waiting!! haha. I thought you would have had him already. Sure it won't be long now.