Sunday, May 13, 2007

Puppies are Practice

I suppose what they say is true: Puppies are practice for having children. We went to Target tonight, and I saw these cool apple flavored dog treats that I just had to get for Cleo. She totally knows what, "Momma got you a present!" means, and I love seeing her excited when I say it. She begs (like in this picture) until I give it to her. Roy says I can't get our kids presents all the time when we have them. I told him I won't, but who knows? I have done many things while raising Cleo that I said I wouldn't do (let her drink after me, lick my face, sleep in my bed, and so on), and I have been told that the way you raise your puppy will be the same way you raise your kids. Scary. I guess as long as I don't bring home apple flavored dog treats to my kids, we'll be okay.

Roy and I saw Spiderman 3 today! It was great. A very complicated plot compared to the first two, but well worth the money to see it. Have you noticed that Harry looks like James Dean? The resemblance is uncanny. I cried, of course, whenever Tobey Maguire cried, but he has always brought me to tears.

I finished most of our walls in the kitchen today. I hope to paint the walls behind the fridge and stove this week. The red sure brings color to the room.

School will be over in about 2.5 weeks ... I can hardly wait to be free at last.

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Melissa said...

Well at least your kiddos (I'm just assuming you'll have more than one someday ;)) will know they are loved! :) You're going to be a great mom, Debbie! I can't wait!!! Although, I know I have too! :) Just think how fun it would be to take a vacation together with kiddos! Or even visit each other with them! :)