Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Princess Is Three!

My niece, "Princess," just turned three! Where does the time go? Here are some pics from her special day...
Before (in curlers)
After (such a cutie)

My handsome nephew

I only have two school days left, and boy am I glad! I don't think any of us teachers have any more patience and the students lost their control a week or two ago ... I am feeling really stressed right now with school and home repairs. I normally don't stress about finances, but it's been on my mind a lot lately. Almost like it could become an overwhelming fear if I let it. I suppose I need to have a good crying/praying time to just let it go. I think I am a super hero sometimes and can handle everything...

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Melissa said...

Great pics! And Happy B-day to your sweet niece.

Don't let your fears overcome you! I know it is so easy especially when things are tight and there are lots of things to do. Trust in the Lord! Take all of your stress to Him, because he CAN sustain your burdens and desires too.

I love you, my friend!!