Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ants, Ants, Go Away

We have carpenter ants!!!!! The two trees in the front of our yard are the worst, our pest control guy said, but we have them in several places. He treated them ($270!), and he will come back on the 6th of June to check again. Problem is our next door neighbors have them too, along with termites, in their two front trees which are dead. If they don't treat them, we will just keep getting them no matter how many times we have them treated. The neighbors' house is for sale, and I am hoping someone will buy it soon and fix the problem, but that's not likely. It is a fixer-upper on the inside from what we hear, and no one seems interested in buying it. It's cute on the outside, it but needs updating. Anyone want to be our neighbor?


Melissa said...

OH NO!!! Have you had the bug guy do prevention stuff for termites? That would be so bad if you got them! How miserable! I hope they go away....would it be worth paying to have the neighbors yard treated too? If it doesn't look like it's going to sell, I would seriously consider it. They aren't getting in your house are they?

Creepy, crawly, yuck!!!!!

Linda said...

Well, I would consider being your neighbor, but it would be a long drive to work!