Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Paint Paint and More Paint

One wall in my formerly drab-white kitchen is now red! I am so excited! The actual color is "ripe currant," but what do those paint names ever mean, anyway? I plan to take a pic of the part of the kitchen that is still white, and then of the newly painted wall, so I can post before and after pics. I am hoping to get the walls done this week and start on the cabinets and trim this weekend. My mom is coming down on the 31st, and I would love for her to see my new kitchen.

Only 15 school days left - hurray! My students are just as ready for summer as I am. I am having to pull out all the tools from the bag in order to keep them settled until the end of the year. The boys are now getting the mind of teenagers, so I hear giggles and the words "weiner" and "nuts" nearly simultaneously. What's really funny is that they don't think I know what they're talking about!

I smoked a spider to death while grilling burgers tonight. It was so entertaining. It was sliding on the grease on the lid - until I closed the lid...

(I've been with 5th graders all day, okay; humor me.)

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