Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Is Warren Doing These Days?

This week my mom has been here. It has been helpful to Roy, so he can have time to catch up on his work for his professor, and it has also given her a chance to hang out with Warren, or Peanut - as she calls him. She hasn't taken many pics of him yet, but here are a few. Notice how much bigger he is?
He still makes funny faces!

When I came home from my first day of work, Warren gave me a big smile! It looked similar to this one, and just melted my heart.
I am sure all parents think their child is advanced, but mine IS!!! LOL Warren has been growing up so much these past few weeks, I can't even call him a newborn anymore. He is 7 weeks old today, and while I know his developments are very much average, they are all amazing to me, revealing that Warren is super smart already. Humor me...

1) While lying on his stomach, Warren can now move his head from side to side! (This means he can sleep on his stomach more often, which he likes to do.)
2) If we stick our tongue out at Warren, he will stick his tongue out at us, too!
3) Tonight I was waving at Warren (opening and closing my hand) and he started moving his fingers on his right hand as he watched mine. (No, it was NOT just a coincidence, don't even go there! LOL)
4) Warren can blow spit bubbles.

5) Warren holds up his head for minutes at a time. In fact, today he held up his entire chest and head for minutes - kind of like a push up.

6) Warren can straighten his legs and stand on them for several seconds at a time.

7) Warren smiles in response to our smiles and/or talking to him.

8) Warren coos

9) Warren likes to lie on the floor and watch T.V.

10) Warren likes to nap while being held - if we put him down, he wakes up and looks at us with his big eyes!
Regarding physical growth, Warren is about 10lbs and 23" long. He is now wearing 0-3mth clothing, and he drinks 4-6oz at his feedings. Last night he even slept for 6hrs straight! Next Tues. is his 8 week appointment. Poor guy has to get three shots. :( His daddy is going to take him because I will still be in school.


Laurie said...

Loving your update reports...just had to throw out that skinny Minnie Eden weighed 10 pounds when she was BORN...had to wear 3-month clothes home from the hospital! lol

Melissa said...

So sweet! He really does look bigger. Such a cutie!

kimnewland said...

So sweet! And of course he IS advanced...he has his Aunt Kim's genes too :-) Cannot wait to see him in a few weeks! Love and miss you all.