Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Things

My mom left for home on Saturday. It was so great to have her helping with Warren while I was back to work. She calls Warren "Peanut" and we call her "Grammie." She got some cute pics while visiting, so I have to share:

I never get tired of seeing this smile!

Warren enjoys being in water - until I start washing his hair! This pic is actually his 2nd bath. The red ring around his belly was from his pants, just in case you are wondering. No, they were not really tight; I am not sure why they left such a noticeable mark.

After his bath, Grammie wrapped him up tight and kept him warm.

I realized that I didn't have many pics of me with Warren, so Mom made sure and fixed that.

Warren really likes to fix his eyes on me - I LOVE that! I get to talk to him and watch him smile at me and coo. I stick my tongue out at him, and he will stick his out at me. That's what we were doing in the pic below.

The pic below really shows how red (and thin!) Warren's hair is right now. Doesn't he have a great smile?!!! Warren has slept for 6hrs at night for a few days now. He goes down about 10:30pm and wakes about 4:30am to eat. Nice. I am finally feeling like I have a grip on things and I am not always sleep deprived. Unfortunately Warren seems to be off schedule tonight, but that's okay. One thing I've learned about babies is that just when you think they are developing a pattern, they change it up on you!

Cleo seems to have relapsed with feeling left out. For the past three days she has torn something up while we are gone. Today it was Warren's pacifier, yesterday it was my chapstick, and the day before was a candy wrapper. We are trying hard to make a conscious effort to give her extra attention.

I had to buy clothes on Saturday because I had no shorts that fit me. I can't get any of my pre-pregnancy pants past my thighs, and I can't survive a Texas summer in maternity jeans, so I put myself through the misery and went shopping. I had to buy all size 14s! I have never been this big before, but my friends keep assuring me that I will go back to normal by nine months. I am keeping my fingers crossed, for sure.
We took some pics of our new family of four while mom was here. It's really tough to get a baby and a dog to look at the camera at the same time!


Laurie said...

He's such a handsome little man!! Great pics!

CristyG said...

Oh he is just too cute!!! I can't wait to hold him and cuddle with the little guy.

Melissa said...

Love his smile! He's such a cutie! Don't worry about your pant will go back to normal. :) It just takes time... even though I got back to my prepregancy weight with Carson really fast, I still wasn't back in my normal size until at least 7 months or so.