Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Sad Day

Yesterday was a sad day: I packed all of Warren's newborn clothes. He didn't even get to wear one of the outfits because of how many he had! (Thanks, Mom!) He is definitely in zero to three now, and even though he still has a zillion outfits (again, thanks, Mom!), I just had to buy him the one he has on in the pic below; it says "My Peanut," and that's what my mom calls Warren, so I couldn't pass it up. We finally broke down and bought a swing for Warren. It is portable and low to the ground, so it doesn't take up much space. He does seem to like it, though he still prefers that we hold him - we usually give him what he wants!

Seeing that Warren is 12lbs now, he can finally wear this super cute puppy sleeper. I got Roy to snap a pic of me with my sweet boy.
Here's another pic to show the silly faces Warren makes. Also, we have discovered that his left ear sticks out farther than his right, and you can see that in this pic. Funny thing is, Roy's left ear does the same thing, but neither of us ever noticed! Wow, this kid really is his daddy reincarnated!
I made this!!!!! We had some friends over last night, and I made this very sinful chocolate cake. It's truly amazing, if I do say so myself. Roy thought it was "presentable," so he was willing to take a pic for me to post. LOL
I have only two days of school left. One is parent conferences and the other a teacher work day. I am feeling my summer freedom!


CristyG said...

I love that he has Roy's annoyed look in every picture you have taken of him in the bath. Too funny!

kimnewland said...

Way too cute he is :-) And that cake, you have to make it when you come to mom's you know! Yummy!!!