Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Warren

I took a few pictures of Warren today. He is changing and growing so much. I think he may end up with auburn hair like his Uncle Adam and Aunt Sumer. He has quite a bit of red showing up. He still makes the funniest faces and makes me laugh everyday. Yesterday he smiled at his daddy for the first time! It was great. Enjoy the pics...

Roy's nickname for Warren is "Captain Fliptop" because when he yawns he opens his mouth so wide it looks like it could flip backward. These two show this feature perfectly! LOL

One of his silly but adorable faces! Look at those rolls under his chin!
Even though there is a shadow, you can see how his hair sticks up in the back!
So should we take a vote? Whom does Warren look most like - me or Roy?


the rushes of OKC said...

I think I see a little of mom in there. Either way, he is super cute!!!

Melissa said...

Roy for sure...with a little extra cuteness from Deb! :) The yawn pics crack me up! Miss you my friend!

grandma garton said...

they are really cute. how did you manage to get him to smile.