Tuesday, May 26, 2009

8 Week Check Up

12lbs (76th percentile), 22.5in (30th-something percentile)

I never really knew what the whole percentile thing means, but the doc said it means that 76% of babies weighed less at 8 weeks than Warren does, and 30-something% were less than 22.5in in length. So he's chunky but decent height.

Doc said Warren looks good, and he was surprised at how much weight he had gained. He couldn't get his shots today because my insurance won't cover them until next week, so we have to go back then. Apparently his circumcision is trying to undo because the doc said the skin is trying to reattach around the head, so now we have to be sure and pull it back every diaper change so that it does not reattach. Weird. LOL

On a wonderfully positive note... Warren has slept through the night 4 times in a row!!!! Last night he slept from 9p - 5a!!!! I hope he sticks with this pattern because I am loving the sleep.


CristyG said...

I can't wait till he grows up and i can tell him how his mother wrote blogs about his penis. LOL

kimnewland said...

He fits into our family well - he is a good eater!!!! Love you all and cannot wait to see you in 3 weeks :-)

Jen said...

that is awesome...what a great little sleeper!