Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Weeks Old

Yesterday, my little Warren turned two weeks old! It seems he just came to us, yet like he's been with us forever. We had his two week check up, and the doctor said he looks great. He now weighs 7.6lbs, and he is doing all the things developmentally that he should be at 2 weeks. He is still not having consistent bowel movements on his own, but the doctor said babies' bowels don't fully develop until 3mths, so he was not worried about it. I will keep giving him glycerin suppositories every other day to help him out.
Things are going well with our new life. The transition has seemed very natural for Roy and me. Warren is definitely the highlight of our life right now. I love to watch he and Roy talk about random things. He is mesmerized by his daddy's voice. Warren is eating about every 3hrs now, except today - he thinks he needs to eat every hour and a half. My milk is definitely in, and it feels great to know I am nourishing my baby. Pumping is not going well, though. I still can only pump about 1.5 - 1oz per breast in 15mins time. That's ridiculous, and not even worth the hassle. I know Warren gets more than that when he eats because I see it in the nipple shield (I recommend those for every mom, by the way. No cracking, blistering, etc.) Anyway, if you have any helpful hints on pumping, please comment! I would really like to breastfeed thru the summer, but that won't happen if I can't pump while back to school the last two weeks of May.
My sister came into town last Friday and stayed until Monday. I tell you, that woman is like the cleaning robot from the Jetsons!!! She was a huge help, and it was just nice to go through each day with her here. She also taught Warren to take his pacifier. I had mixed feelings about this at first, but he seems to do well with it, and it doesn't want it all the time, so it's good. Thanks, Aunt Kim!

One more thing... my 32nd birthday was Saturday the 11th, and Roy took me to get a new cell phone! I got a super cool red phone that slides open and has a full keyboard! I am the text msg queen now! Super fast, and love it! Thanks, Baby.


Melissa said...

Happy belated birthday!! :) Warren is looking SO cute, and a little more like Roy, I think. He's a doll! With Roy's super low voice, I bet Warren loves the rumble. :)

As far as the pumping...keep at it. Nursing is supply and demand, so the more you pump and nurse, the greater your supply will get. Also, make sure you are drinking a TON of water, because that really effects how much you can produce as well. Your milk will also increase as Warren gets older, so you'll begin to get more in the next few weeks/months. I'm so glad nursing is going well for you! Miss you, Deb! SO wish I could come love on Warren!!

CristyG said...

Okay, Baby boy is starting to look like daddy.
My best advice with the pumping is that every breast is different, and i know you can't afford to go try every pump out there. But some pumps just don't work for your breast. I tried to pump and just never was able to. The good news is that formula now days is so much better then when we were young, he will still get the vitamins he needs to grow. You can try going back and forth too. Nurse him when your home and get him on the formula for when you are away, that's what i did with Keara for awhile. You'll do great, i can't wait to see him!!

the rushes of OKC said...

Warren is so cute!! Great pictures.
Happy Birthday as well.

Pumping never came too easy for me. I never seemed to get much out. The electric Medela was good for me instead of the manual. I still have mine too, I think, if you are interested. I would pump after Isabelle feed every time, and my supply was never that much. I would freeze what I did get and that helped if I needed it later. Neither of my kids took bottles because I wasn't able to get much out with the pumping, and I wanted to breastfeed instead of formula. As they get older they cut out feedings too, so it's not like you are still feeding every three hours forever. Most babies start baby food around 4 months too. Breast milk is cheaper that is for sure. haha Good luck!!!

The Pereira Family said...

He's precious, precious, precious. Keep on pumpin' girl! It took me a while to get more than an ounce or two also. And if you're pumping right after you feed him that's probably all you will get since it's kind of like the leftovers.